Jae Hee

Fun on the Set of May Queen

Now, this is the Jae Hee I know…. That goofy little boy, that never ever ages in my eyes. Anyway, revenge, anger, angst, misery, pain (inserts more negative emotional terms), might fill the plot… But the cast sure is having fun on the set. Why so? Advertisements

May Queen Update: 2, Haeju Stole The Boys?

Watching Episode 9-10, everything just told me… I need to rewatch the two dramas i dearly love. I kept seeing Mong Ryong and Dong Ju. Of course Mong Ryong here, is like the Mong Ryong when his with Chae Rin noona, and not the bubbly one when his with Chun Hyang, but still… I’m glad […]

May Queen Update: 1

When you think about what keeps you watching a drama, sometimes, you don’t find a valid reason. Well, for me, May Queen isn’t a good drama, but somehow, I’m holding on to it. I’m usually the type that drops a drama even if my favorite actors and actresses are in it, so i can’t say […]

May Queen Update

How’s Kim Jae Won in pink? Gosh, not many guys can rock it half as good as he does. But wait, what is Kang San like after 15 years?

May Queen: Bye Kiddies, Hello Lovelies.

Park Gun Tae! Anyway, he was asked about which was the most memorable filming venue in the drama, and he talked about when they were out at sea and all. He also said that he always wanted to act in a drama where his role experiences an innocent love story, and his glad to have […]

May Queen Adult Cast Update

Don’t they look cute together? Let’s hope they’ll have a good friendship as adults, before revenge takes a toll on them. Anyway, the full name list is out for the adult cast of May Queen.

Finally, the Adults for May Queen

As i’ve mentioned before, i’m struggling to carry on with this show. Finally the wait is over, i’m gonna see Jaehee and Kim Jae won. Hopefully they can help me continue watching this show. Watching this preview for ep 9, i’m still on the Changhee-Haeju ship. What about you? However, of course, in this preview, […]