May Queen: Mr Killer Smile

So, i’ve watched May Queen episode 1-2.
Honestly, because i expected a very ridiculous angsty plot, i wasn’t at all disappointed. Characters are plain stupid in the show, and some stuff just doesn’t make sense. But hey, i expected it, so i’m fine. I made sure that i had no expectations before watching ep 1-2, so i’m really fine. Besides, i love the cast, from veterans, to the adult cast, to the kiddies.

Whatever the case, i’m sticking through, duh. Kim Jae Won isn’t even out yet, how can i quit. But besides that, the acting is of course awesome. I mean, how can the acting be bad with Lee Deok Hwa, Ahn Nae Sang and Yang Mi Kyung. The kids too, did well. Other than Park Gun Tae’s crying scenes… The boy hasn’t been doing well with his crying scenes in the recent years, but other than that, his my favourite thing in the show so far. He is so sweet!

Not that i don’t like Kangsan, i just love Changhee.
The cold Changhee, falling for Haeju. *squeal*

You know that cold boy, who rarely ever smiles… When he smiled thanks to Haeju… Oh man, such a cutie.

Kang san is cute too, with his super crush on Haeju …. like this early.
I love how both Kang San and Chang Hee fell for Haeju at the same time though. A bit ridiculous how they fell in love so quickly, but never mind, they are kids after all.
I’m biased to Gun Tae but… i’ll have Jibin here too.

I’m rooting for Changhee now, though i shouldn’t be, since i should be for the lead, or for Kim Jae Won. And because i love Jae Hee as well, i need to start liking Kang San from when they are kids, because if i love Changhee first… it’s gonna be hard to change from liking Jaehee to Kim Jae Won, since i love both the guys. KJW just a LITTLE more. Well i loved Jae Hee more than Kim Jae Won for like at least…. 6 years? But things changed when i saw CYHMH.
But i still really love Jae Hee. Shall i rewatch Delightful Girl Chun Hyang? *sobs* Remember when Mong Ryong was trying to get Chun Hyang back after he realised he loved her? And she kept rejecting him, making him feel so hurt? Damn, i cannot afford to see that again. When he cried when he was drunk, my heart shattered.
I love this man.

It will be good to see Jaehee being bad for a change. But well, Changhee didn’t start off as a bad boy… It’s the fault of the cruel world his in. Boy works so hard in his everyday life to make daddy proud, but cruel evil boy played by Seo Young Joo, makes life tough for him. Oh, talking about Seo Young Joo. MARU!!!!! Okay, Seo Young Joo……. is seriously a badass here. We can understand Maru being bad, but no, we can’t understand SYJ being bad here. But i blame it on daddy, played by lee deok hwa. Yeah, lee deok hwa… is such an asshole here… and LDH and YMK makes the show hilarious? One question went through my head for the whole ep 1… Why did YMK go with LDH in the end? Like, not only did she look after his kids like her own, but… what? become his lover? Seriously, i could have dropped MQ just based on that.

Okay, back to SYJ.
Seo Young Joo looks so good being the little bad boy as usual.

The boy has a lot of room for improvement though. I still enjoy seeing SYJ appearing in every scene he is in.
Though his such a jerk, making Changhee’s life though… He is probably going to be the reason why Changhee turns bad.
Poor Changhee. Yes beat him beat him!

Anyway, back to Jaehee. *sobs*
MBC, did you really have to cast two of my lovelies here? I mean wuri’s family was fine, they were cute as brothers… but this? makjang? I need a happy end for Changhee too. I can’t bear to see any of these two boys hurt. DGCH remains as my favourite romcom, and everyone knows how much i love CYHMH. I swear it’s harder for me to choose who to root for than Haeju to choose who to be with in the drama.

More of mr milky smile.

Doesn’t he beautify wherever he is in?

Now, to the main couple.

Aw, don’t they look sweet?

Do you think Kim Jae Won’s back hugs with Han Ji Hye can actually own the ones he had with Hwang Jung Eum in Can You Hear My Heart?

For now, i’ll say no. But… who knows yeah?
Well, we still won’t see Kim Jae Won and Jaehee until 3 weeks from now, so… let’s try to wait patiently.

Overall, i think MQ is shitty…. but yeah whatever, dropping is not a choice. KJW + JH = MUST WATCH. They aren’t the best actors out there, but they were the first few kdrama stars i fell hard for. Jaehee stole my heart with DGCH, KJW with Romance….. I’ve turned picky with watching dramas in the recent years, and even drop dramas from my favourite actors, but i really hope i’ll stick with this. *crosses fingers*


5 comments on “May Queen: Mr Killer Smile

  1. Guess what? I’m about to rewatch DGCH these couple days. I can’t help it.

    • OMG Nooo!!!! My good friend just rewatched it and i was super envious? Now you too? Nooooo you’re tempting me to start now T____T Im planning to rewatch it this weekend though, cause i figured i needed mong ryong. A rare species in kdrama land these days. I mean, there’s a lot of “useless idiotic senseless” ones, but none as sweet Mongryong.

      • I haven’t rewatched it for SOOOO long and our tt the other day made me miss JH 😦

        haha I guess I’d rather rewatch DGCH than watch MQ…because the genre just generally gets me very batty. I haven’t started it, maybe this wkend too for me!

        • Yeah i must agree, I don’t usually watch dramas like MQ other than when there’s one of the actors i love. and i might not even watch it even if there’s someone i like. Too bad, this drama has two of my favourites. I have to watch it.

          Hahaha yes, i love JH… and i forever look at his drama list to see what i can watch and all… But choices are limited, i forever go back to DGCH. One thing i love about DGCH is the ost. It is definitely the most played ost of my life. I listen to one of the songs i like in the ost, at least a few times a week. Me too~ Made me miss JH so much. Usually when i talk about some old drama i loved, i’d rewatch it immediately, but i need to be focused on assignments this week. Honestly, i can’t believe how Hong sisters gets worse with each piece. DGCH was really the best.

  2. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to watch this yet.

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