Fun on the Set of May Queen

Now, this is the Jae Hee I know…. That goofy little boy, that never ever ages in my eyes.
Anyway, revenge, anger, angst, misery, pain (inserts more negative emotional terms), might fill the plot… But the cast sure is having fun on the set. Why so?

Well.. Maybe you thought it was like this on the set…

Maybe a little lighter in spirits, like this.

Then you realize, it’s this.

Not convinced that they’re having fun?

Is this enough? No, no way. Who ever complains that there’s too much bromance?

Skinship, everywhere.

Bromance might not be this good in the drama, but it sure is great off screen.

Finally, Han Ji Hye gets her turn to shine, in their “love story” off screen.

Have i mentioned how much i love Haeju’s uncle, and how i think he is the most charming one in this show?

Yes, his having fun too.

All of them making sure that they look good for the camera.

And even this… Boy, Jaehee, you’re lovable.


More pictures below.

Kinda miss this boy below already!


3 comments on “Fun on the Set of May Queen

  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ …*fangirl mode on*…

    • ,for a more coherent comment: So basically, Cha Dong Joo got to “bromance” Bong Maru on screen in CYMMH and Jae Hee off screen?

      Somehow I’m wishing that this drama be over already so I can decided whether I can labor myself through it or not…

      Also, loving the way they are dressed on this drama (basing on this stills alone). Profession appropriate and Not too WTF..

      • Haha, still a long way till the end. The way they look is fine, the major problem with the making is the directing and music background… It feels like a typical revenge movie from the 60s-70s, especially at the beginning. Whatever the case, if you’re not a big fan of the two guys, not a good watch for you. There are better shows like Arang and Faith now, and this is PALES in comparison.

        I swear Nam Goong Min had off screen chemistry with Kim Jae Won too! You should have seen the BTS of CYHMH. MBC is stingy with BTS though.

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