F4 Reunites for Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!!!

YES F4 REUNITED FOR CHINESE NEW YEAR. Even though news that they’ll be reuniting was out since weeks ago, i was still skeptical, since well, 5 years is a long time… I think the last time i saw a video of them together was for their concert in Japan, back in October 2008. Yes, i might not be a hardcore fangirl of them now, but i used to be one… Well, i’m just another one of those Asian girls, who watched meteor garden, and… well, gave my youth to F4. This explains why i am elated now, because… well, as you can see, i left my blog dead for months, but now, i come running to post about this reunion. Seeing Vanness posting pictures with Zai Zai and Jerry wasn’t satisfying, because Vanness is always on good terms with everyone (well only once he wasnt)….

I was always afraid with Zaizai and Jerry’s relationship, cause well, they were really close, yet they had many disputes after… Just like Lei and Si i guess…. So seeing the two of them being so close together again, the feeling was beyond words.

When i first saw all of them were seen in one picture together, i squealed so hard (in the bus uhoh)… And then i teared watching them singing 第一时间 (At the first place)….. You can catch a snippet of it below!

*Apparently they sang meteor rain as well, which is my personally favourite!!!*

Well, they were my greatest fandom at an early period of my life, and the first band where i can say… i fangirled hard. Had their albums and karaoke discs, karaoked to their songs at home, rewatched meteor garden over and over…(If only Barbie could join them, but well, it’d be awkward… I mean, though she patched things up with Jerry, Zaizai was her lover before, and well, they didn’t exactly end well, so… it’d be awkward… Well they said she couldn’t come because she’s pregnant… Yeah, Da S is pregnant, that really shows how long it has been since MG)… Anyway back to how fangirlish i was… Yes, i gave my youth to them…  And so, no matter how they couldn’t sing… and how they might not have deserved the huge fame they have…. They still remain as an important fandom of mine.

Those years where i fangirled them remains clear in my mind, even till those years where news of their endless cold wars and all kept coming (when i wasn’t fangirling over them anymore), all these still remains clear in my mind… And because of all these articles, i was so afraid we would never see them on stage together again… So i’m thankful for today. It makes me wonder, if the greatest fandom of mine, would have a similar scenario when their 12th(or more) year comes….. Well, it’s the 10th year for that fandom of mine, already.
So well, I really am thankful to see F4 reunite again. I swear if I could, i would have flown to see them. HAHA i mean, okay if they have a F4 concert, i would, for well, we won’t ever have an F4 concert again. Anyway, as much as i enjoyed seeing Zaizai and Jerry being so lovely together in the video coverage, i wasn’t pleased… They barely showed Ken. Yes the boy is the least popular one now, but be fair!!! Oh well, let’s hope they’ll be fair in the actual Jiangsu broadcast, or… sigh, poor Ken. Anyway, i’m just so glad they sang at the first place. The song is about friendship, and even though it’s rather contradicting for F4’s relationship wasn’t always good… But well, they had their ups and downs, and probably would have many more conflicts, but at least…. their relationship could be saved… Therefore we could see a reunion of them today. Here’s a line from the chorus of the song….. “”就算你我在热闹喧哗中走散 友情会第一时间赶来”…. This means, even if you and I get separated in this crowd, our friendship will always come first. Let’s hope it’ll be this way for F4 in the years to come.

Awww, look at them… 12 years ago… I dare say Jerry only aged a tiny bit, but is still extremely hot… Vanness looks almost exactly the same… Ken… well, is only fatter now… Vic…. just got WAYYYY TOOOO HANDSOME.

Because i’m well, naturally biased…. Here, i present my current favourite member…

Well, my first favourite member was Jerry… Then, it was Ken… Then it was Zaizai, and then it kept switching between Jerry and Zaizai, but well, i guess through it all, it’s Zaizai. I mean he was always perfect, other than during his Meteor Garden days where… he couldn’t act for nuts (it still remains a question to me how people can like Lei more than Si)… Anyway, i shall stop blabbering or this post can go on forever… I’ll post again when the countdown is broadcasted. YAYYY.

To our lost youth, the F4, we crazily fangirled together!

Once a fan, always a fan right? Yes, that’s me.

Off i shall, to spam some F4 songs… (They’ll never sound terrible in my ears, though F4 can’t sing) –> Biased me.


2 comments on “F4 Reunites for Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Thank you so much for posting this news! I can’t believe how long it’s been since Meteor Garden! I’ll never forget that summer because like Shan Cai I fell in love with F4. Seriously, that show holds special memories for me AND I still love it.

    I didn’t recognize Vic at first but the others as you state look more or less the same. Unfortunately time hasn’t been as kind to me…hehe. Anyway, heartfelt thanks! I eagerly await the next update on this!

  2. hi! I am from the Philippines. I have to agree with you that during the show of Meteor Garden, I am a huge Jerry Yan fan, but when I saw the drama series MARS, I became a Vic Zhou fan instantly. This guy could act and lately he became so HHHOOOTTT!!! But I have to commend Jerry Yan in his acting in his series THE HOSPITAL, wherein I cried buckets of tears… and in the series DOWN WITH LOVE, he is definitely so cute and really made me laugh…

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