May Queen Update: 2, Haeju Stole The Boys?

Watching Episode 9-10, everything just told me… I need to rewatch the two dramas i dearly love. I kept seeing Mong Ryong and Dong Ju. Of course Mong Ryong here, is like the Mong Ryong when his with Chae Rin noona, and not the bubbly one when his with Chun Hyang, but still… I’m glad that Jaehee’s trying something new this time, because ever since his debut, i’ve never seen a time where he took a serious and cold character like here. Obviously he suits the cheeky and bubbly roles better, but i’ll give full support to this boy forever. Kim Jae Won, on the other hand, has a character that is 100% similar to Dong Ju. Not complaining, since i love Dong Ju dearly. Now who is the luckiest? Haeju. She got them both… Stole them from Chun Hyang and Woo Ri?

So… Cha Dong Ju

or Kang San?

Obviously, Dong Ju got Woori to hear his heart, but decided to be the King for May Queen.

Cha Dong Ju of course! And Dongju-Woori will be the no. 1 couple for me in Korean Drama history ever.

And now… Prosecutor Lee…

or Prosecutor Park?

Of course, for me, Prosecutor Lee, that cheeky boy.

But obviously, we had an absolutely similar scene in Delightful Girl Chun Hyang, episode 14…. And possibly, similar lines. This is obviously a sign for me to rewatch DGCH as well. I can watch it forever, so i won’t complain. The show’s OST is my number 1 played OST, no, possibly all of the songs in the OST are highest played songs ever. And every time i play the songs, i think of Lee Mong Ryong, and scenes of him running to find Chun Hyang in the amount of time she set for him. I was just playing Eung Geub Shil, my favourite from the OST.

Of course, another favourite couple of mine, forever. Mong Chun Second Generation!

I’ll update on episode 10 if i have the time this week, but for now, just some captures from episode 10.

This couple, obviously, will separate soon. Haeju will either leave him so that his father’s relationship and his won’t get worse… Or he’ll leave her after finding out his father killed her stepdad. Whatever the case, let’s hope they’ll enjoy the time they have now.

KangSan, being ridiculously cute and childish in every frame his in.

And the other couple of the show.

But for now, my heart aches for you boy.

I’d rather Kang San being hurt, than Chang Hee. Chang Hee said that Hae Ju is the only light in his life, whereas i’m sure Kang San can move on without her, at least now. Fate, why are you so horrible?


2 comments on “May Queen Update: 2, Haeju Stole The Boys?

  1. ,lovin’ the caps of KJW conducting in the dark.. he looks so silly.. I still haven’t seen the eps but from the stills alone, I can see the CDJ in his Kang San character.. even the part where he was the first one to know that she was his childhood crush and playing around with that information..

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