Daniel Choi to Join Jang Na Ra in School Season 5

Woohoo, some luck in drama casting these days. Daniel Choi, has apparently signed on to join Jang Na Ra in School, season 5. School was a popular series in the 1990s, having 4 seasons till 2002. A lot of our favourite popular Korean celebrities participated in the seasons of School back in the 1990s, with […]

Yoo Seung Ho to Appear in MBC’s “I Miss You”

Yoo Seung Ho has been confirmed to join MBC’s I Miss You. Now… WHAT?! Apparently, the producers of the drama confirmed that Yoo Seung Ho will be appearing as Kang Hyung Joon in the drama, and he will begin filming immediately. He will be taking the role that was once considered by Chun Jung Myung. […]

Kang Ji Hwan and Hwang Jung Eum to Possibly Appear in The Incarnation of Money

Looks like the drama gods has been hearing my calls! Hwang Jung Eum is expected to be returning with the producers of Giant in The Reincarnation of Money. Its been two years since Giant already, and I really liked the girl there, though i initially liked her because of High Kick. Since then, Hwang Jung Eum […]

Kim Jae Won for Get it Beauty HOMME

(With Eugene) Kim Jae Won is going to be the MC for Get it Beauty HOMME. Eugene, his co-star from Wonderful Life, has been doing the female version of the show Get it Beauty. The first broadcast will be on 16th September. Similar to the female version, the show will be updating viewers with the […]

Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young confirmed in Cheong Dam Dong Alice

Actor Park Shi Hoo will be returning to small screen after a year through SBS’s weekend special, Cheong Dam Dong Alice.

Park Yoo Chun and Son Ye Jin Offered to Appear in MBC’s Drama, “I Miss You”

Park Yoo Chun and Son Ye Jin has been selected to act in MBC’s I Miss You.

Kim Jae Won, “I’ll guarantee average viewer ratings of 15% for May Queen”

MBC’s new weekend drama series May Queen held their prayer ceremony at MBC’s dream center on August 6. Kim Jae Won, Lee Duk Hwa, Yang Mi Kyung, Lee Hoon, Kim Yoo Jung, and Park Ji Bin and many other stars, along with the producer Baek Ho Bin, and the writer Son Young Mok attended the […]