And the Bromance is about to begin

And the cute elementary school friendship~

How cute is this?!
Gosh, i seriously think May Queen is ridiculous…. Plot is sloppy, everything is stupid. But i really like CHANGHEE, and Kangsan.
Really hoping it’ll get better.
I mean, especially when Mr Milky Smile and Jaehee…. are gonna take over.
Look at this!

Jaehee having his classic hand in pocket pose:)
And gosh, the off screen bromance.
How Jaehee put his arm around Jaewon *squeals*
So glad that they are so comfortable with each other even after all these years. Probably thanks to army.
Anyway, they’re cute with Han Ji Hye too.
I love the part of the bts where they both held her hand. I mean it’s supposed to be filming for some “She’s my girl… NO SHE’S MINE” scene, but they were making the set so cute, walking hand in hand, as if they were some middle school kids, or elementary school kids, sharing one girlfriend as besties.


Anyway, i’m kinda glad to see Kim Ji Young on the show.

She’s really much prettier now. She looks way younger. Not sure if she’ll be crucial in the drama but let’s see. Love her for now, she’s so eccentric!

She’s probably gonna be Haeju’s teacher?

That aside, it’s sad cause Naesung’s so gonna die.
As i said, show is stupid. He sent himself to the tiger’s mouth.
Naesung’s one of my favourite character in the show now, so …. it’s sad.

Looking at the BTS pictures and tweets, i swear Jibin has a major crush on Yoojung. Jingu, your friend’s gonna steal your love.

Well, i don’t care though, all i care is about Changhee, Park Gun Tae.
I love the boy so much, i really just want to have more Changhee Haeju scenes, Kangsan can go away for now, till he turns into KJW.

Handsome boy, i had my eyes on you when you were such a cutie in I’m sorry i love you, but who knew really who knew, you would grow up this fine.

Sorry Jaewon, it’s Changhee for now.

Anyway, kiddies are cute, though show is plain stupid.


2 comments on “And the Bromance is about to begin

  1. Hmmm. I think the boy who acts as Chang Hee, Park Gun Tae… resembles Siwon quite abit!

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