F4 Reunites for Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!!!

YES F4 REUNITED FOR CHINESE NEW YEAR. Even though news that they’ll be reuniting was out since weeks ago, i was still skeptical, since well, 5 years is a long time… I think the last time i saw a video of them together was for their concert in Japan, back in October 2008. Yes, i […]

Faith Episode 21 Rough Live Recap

Again, I will be posting the live recap of episode 21 here. http://redpinkboxes.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/faith-episode-21-rough-live-recap.html#more There’s a delay today, so let’s wait patiently to see our beautiful couples. 

Kang So Ra for Beauty+ and Hong Su Ah for Esquire

I’ve never watched anything by Kang So Ra, and neither did she struck me as gorgeous before, but i really like this shoot. She looks gorgeous here. Love the colors she’s wearing, and the makeup that goes along.