May Queen Update: 1

When you think about what keeps you watching a drama, sometimes, you don’t find a valid reason. Well, for me, May Queen isn’t a good drama, but somehow, I’m holding on to it. I’m usually the type that drops a drama even if my favorite actors and actresses are in it, so i can’t say that holding on to May Queen for Jae Hee and Kim Jae Won, is a valid reason. I figured that as much as i can’t compliment the drama, there must be something other than my two eye candies that is keeping me watching the drama religiously. I can’t point it out yet, but i hope i do soon. I hope my reason for watching this is valid, because i really want to keep watching this till the end. Though, of course, even my lovelies aren’t perking my interest for the drama. The drama is still going no where for me. With somethings that are going to get revealed this early, there’s no direction. And, yeah the overall adult cast isn’t doing great with the acting either. I shan’t lose hope though. Anyway, i’ll just be commenting on the relationships in the drama and updating with pictures below.

Yesterday marks the first episode with the adult cast, and it definitely served as an introductory episode for the main three characters. Of course, as you all know, i love Jae Hee and Kim Jae Won, so this is the first episode of the drama where i am actually taking screen captures.

So, here is the Kang San we knew, after 15 years.

And, wow, such a cutie. He goes, “You’ll scratch my flawless skin” to the girl that tries to touch him, while flirting with him.

Kang San meets Haeju for the first time in a club. Haeju came because…. he was flirting with Young Ju. The coincidence.

Of course, she tells him off..

And shows her spunky character…

And needless to say, she flips him over….

Later on, at the last part of the episode, she goes for an interview at their company.
Ilmoon is one of the interviewers, and clearly isn’t pleased with her, despite all the talents she has, that the company needs.

Kang San then comes in, and of course, he eventually sees Haeju, and recognizes her as the girl at the club.

As much as i liked Changhee and Haeju as kids, their relationship then and now is still the same. It’s cold, and there is somehow an invincible barrier between them. Despite probably being as a couple for so many years, they still are awkward with each other, and somehow, they don’t seem like a couple.

Now, this time, Jaehee is taking a role that is really different from his roles in the past. I’m glad though, that his taking something new this time, despite the fact that i really miss his childish character while looking at Changhee.

His as cold as ice here, and this is probably why there’s something lacking in their relationship. They might not have any secrets with each other, but he is unable to share everything with Haeju.

His lovely, and sweet, and showers love on Haeju, but he seems like his holding back something, even though he isn’t at the moment.

This is, of course, definitely because of his father, and his life of staying with the Jang family. His father will obviously object to their relationship, and he is clearly aware of that. This makes him really uncomfortable with everything, because he doesn’t want Haeju to feel hurt, or burdened, by being with him.

Certainly, they look sweet together, but they lack the comfort with each other, and the ease that they ought to have, just like couples in love.

This is the closest i can get to a Lee Mong Ryong expression in yesterday’s episode.

Similarly, Haeju doesn’t feel at ease with him. Yes, they might be using banmal with each other, but somehow, i feel that formality surrounds them.

Clearly, she is relieved when he left the room. I mean yes, a girl and a guy will of course be uncomfortable when alone together in a hotel room, but they’ve known each other for 15 years, they should be comfortable by now right?

It really pains me though, since Changhee really likes Haeju, and certainly will do anything for her at the moment. I don’t know if he will be blinded by greed anything else, but i hope that the drama will at least give him many episodes of happiness with the girl first.

Supposedly sweet moments of him and Haeju, doesn’t allow me to connect with them. This is definitely on purpose, because the drama wants me to fall for the Kang San – Hae Ju pair. As i mentioned before, as much as i love Kim Jae Won, i don’t think i can bare seeing Jae Hee hurt. I can watch Delightful Girl Chun Hyang 20 times, and routinely cry for Mong Ryong 20 times. That’s how much i cannot bare seeing Jaehee in pain. It doesn’t help that ChangHee is a prosecutor here…. And the introductory scenes of him being a prosecutor in DGCH, is completely similar to the one in episode 9, just…. Mong Ryong had the cheeky smile, Changhee doesn’t. But he goes… “Sue me then…” And i went “Mong Ryong!” So i swear that the drama gods i ordering me to arrange my schedule so that i can do a DGCH rewatch soon.
My poor Changhee, let’s hope fate.. No, the drama, will be nice to you.

Changhee, will eventually, in tonight’s episode, introduce Haeju as the woman he will be marrying, to Daddy today. Of course, Butler Park objects, and obviously Haeju will feel bad, and probably distance herself from Changhee? Maybe that’s how the split comes, and eventually, she falls for Kang San, while Chang Hee gets himself into a marriage without love.

Through episode 9, we started seeing the playful cheeky Kang San again, probably more worse than the young Kang San now.
Well of course he’ll stop flirting when he sees Haeju again.. Of course, quickly, he figures that she’s Haeju, after hearing her name.

Here, in the preview for 10, Haeju gives him a mouth to mouth resuscitation..

And it turns out that Kang San was playing on her?

This pains me. In the preview, Changhee goes, “Don’t you know i love you?” “Let’s get married.”

Another crucial thing in the preview is that Mummy, finally found Haeju, and saw her scar. Means no doubt, in this episode, she figures that Haeju is her daughter. Now that is shocking, because in almost every Makjang i’ve watched, the birth secret will only get revealed at like 3/4 of the show, or at least the reunion.

I don’t know how the show will roll now, since Mum knows it already.

Just wanted to add, out of the whole adult cast, the one that is the most similar to his child counterpart is Moon Ji Yoon, playing Sang Tae. The moment he appeared on screen, i could feel Sang Tae’s character from when he was young. Really just want to praise this guy, and wow, despite his tummy, he actually was daring enough to wear a singlet. Love the guy. Anyway, again i say i’m really hoping that Sang Tae will have cute scenes with Changhee, though it’s unlikely because well, Changhee is cold to everyone in the world, and i shouldn’t expect to see any usual Jaehee characteristics here.

Bonus, from the episode 10, from the sweet couple, Changhee-Haeju.

Anyway, pictures on the set of May Queen below.

The relationship they share now, is just super sweet. But because of the unavoidable barrier now, i know that I’m moving on to the Kangsan-Haeju ship.

Uncle is just so handsome right?

I figured that i’m going to update on May Queen religiously, and to make my posts neater, I shall name them May Queen Updates.


2 comments on “May Queen Update: 1

  1. ,pictures! pretty pictures! thanks.. I love both leads, (male lead, hehe) but I think I’ll be content reading about the series first.. I may or might not end up watching it depending on how it ends..

    • Haha that’s good to hear, that you like these two guys, just like me. I’m forever bias to these two, even if they aren’t the best actors out there. I’ll definitely update if this drama ever gets better:)

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