I’m redpinkboxes.
I love watching dramas, and so, i’ll be blogging on any drama or actors and actresses that interests me here.
Hope to see fellow fans around!


6 comments on “About

  1. I have been your fan since QIM!![another drama that left me hanging on every week]
    your insights are amazing and well thought.
    If its aint too much, may i share this post in my blog??
    of course with credits to you..

  2. I was wondering about your background. Of course since this is personal, and I understand that you might want to keep your anonymity, so only if you wish to share. Obviously your Korean is of a high standard and I was wondering if you learned it or if it was your native tongue? Also where you are situated and your knowledge on world cultures. For instance, although my mother is Kenyan and father Kashmiri, I have only known British way of life and my reference point will always be that.

    Regardless, thank you for an awesome site, I love reading your posts.

    • No worries! Haha, I’m not Korean. I’ve never formally learnt Korean till this year, but I know the language well enough because I’ve been into the Korean culture for years now. I’m pretty much an audio learner, so i learnt a lot while watching Korean dramas all through the years. I just started taking Korean formally at my university this year. I’m situated in Australia now. I’m Chinese, a little mixed. I speak English and Chinese fluently. Chinese really helped with my Korean learning, because the two languages are similar in many ways.

      If you’re keen on learning Korean, you should learn the basics first, like grammar and all. After that, it’ll be relatively easy, since all that is left to learn is the vocabulary. Watching Korean dramas helps a lot. In fact, watching your favourite one on repeat will help, because you will familiarise yourself with a lot of words.

      For me, i watch a lot of Korean dramas without subs now, because it actually forces me to learn and understand, subconsciously. But that requires the basics of Korean first, so you can take this advice once the basics are learnt. Hope this helps. Good luck with Korean:)

      • I am so sorry, I didn’t reply sooner been offline mostly. Thank you so much for replying and I must say I am truly impressed. My mind to mouth co-ordination is very poor so I am always in awe of people who can speak two languages well, let alone more!

        Heartfelt thanks for the advice, I will surely listen to it. Finally, I would say that I love your site mainly because your writing style is very clear and comprehensive. Thanks.

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