Golden Bell Awards: In Time With You

It was a big night for In Time With You (我可能不会爱你), with both Ariel and Bolin won in the categories they were nominated for the 47th Golden Bell Awards. Yes, I meant it, Ariel for Best Actress and Bolin for Best Actor! Congratulations to Ariel on her second GBA win, and congrats to Bolin for his first win ever. The pair is just so damn cute! *smiles* I love them both together and individually, so I’m just really elated. This is actually the first time i ever streamed Golden Bell Awards, and yes, because of the two. Of course, I’m especially elated for Bo Lin, for this is his first win ever! Also, this is the first time I’ve ever heard that both the best actor and best actress categories were given to idol drama actors. Usually, either the female category gets it, or the male category gets it, while the other one will be given to non-idol dramas in Taiwan. This is why even though i was rather confident that both would win, i wasn’t a 100% sure. As such, I was really glad when I saw that both of them won for the two categories! *dances around in a circle* I really liked In Time With You, and those who haven’t watched it, i really recommend this… It had several flaws, with a few episodes that will irritate you, but overall, I think it’ll leave you contented, for it did so for me.

Yes, 4 years, and she’s back to win! For those who don’t know, Ariel won the best actress award for the 43rd Golden Bell Awards back in 2008, for They Kiss Again. She was said to be the youngest ever winner back then.

Ariel was shocked… cause she didn’t expect a second win i guess.

She said this was a very big birthday surprise for her.. Her birthday is on 29 october, so it’s rather close. She’s turning 30 this time, so it’s just like in ITWY.

She said that when we’re facing the problem of aging, our hearts will never be old! You can see how happy Bolin was for her. *touched* Of course, she thanked everyone that was part of ITWY.

She said she really didn’t prepare for this… She went on to say that as long as the shows that are made affected us viewers, and our lives… even if it just affected us one tiny little bit… It’s the greatest encouragement to them. Though she didn’t thank Bolin individually, but i’m sure she thought of him instantly. Bolin was so happy for her! Can you see how charming his smile was at 2:05?

For Bolin, despite being in this industry for 10 over years, he never got an award till today.

So of course, this was the moment for the boy!

Before the award was given, the cheers for him was so loud that it’d be really awkward if he didn’t win it! He thanked everyone that participated in ITWY, as well as Ariel.. He said he didn’t prepare his speech as well, saying there’s just so many people to thank, and he said this was the result of not preparing a speech. He said his heart was beating so fast, and he didn’t know what to say, saying that he finally knew the feeling of what it was like to win an award. He was really thankful for the award, since it’s his first award ever… After debuting for over 10 years.

I’m so proud of you, boy! And he went on to thank his mum and dad, and his buddies. He thanked everyone once more, and shouted a cute Love and Peace! Anyway, before the award was given out, Janet, the host, went to sit on Bolin.

Janet is Ariel’s good friend in real life. Her co-host, Zeng Guo Cheng asked her to come back, saying she’s only sitting on Bolin, when the rest beside him were nominated as well. She says it’s cause Ariel won before, so he’ll be really affected. Anyway, Bolin was so nervous when she was on his lap, and he heaved a cute sigh of relief when she left *squueeeee*

The boy is so cute! Anyway, Nicky Wu was the one that gave out the award to him, as well as the one who gave out the award for ITWY, for the best drama.

And yes, Ariel and Bolin reunited to give an award today!

Ariel had some tough lines to remember… Bolin asked her how many symptoms of aging does she remember. She said she remembers all of them clearly, for she has all of them! So he started testing her… No.3… And she went on about how people starts to call you momo jie and momo ge, and you just want to tell them, shut up! And then 6… And she goes about how you start to take notice of news that will help prevent stuff like dementia.. And then 10…. And she goes on about how you’ll always put very important things at very important places, but you always forget where the important place is! He said, since you remember all this well, then you’re fine!!

Then he says, okay let me test you again! Where did you put the award list? And then she acts blur for a bit, pretending she really forgot about it. And then she goes, Chen Bo Lin, don’t tease me! It’s here! *points behind him*  Then he tests her again, asking if she knows who wrote all those lines she just said. And she goes on to introduce Xu Yu Ting… who won for ITWY of course! The two of them were so happy for the writer, and Ariel hugged Bolin *squee* Anyway, it’s really great to see Bo Lin and Ariel back together to present an award to the screen writer of In Time With You.

That aside, Ariel was rather daring with her outfit on the red carpet. I actually didn’t realise how daring it was at first, for I was blinded by how sweet she looked… I was only looking at her face, haha. And then i realised… I’m kinda really shocked, because Ariel in It Started With A Kiss is still stuck in my mind.

I don’t know why she appeared with the Nic boy from ITWY, I wished she rocked the red carpet with Bolin instead. I heard Bolin was late, so i guess.. that’s why? Other wins for ITWY tonight, was Winnie for Best Director (He worked with Ariel for TKA and ISWAK as well), Best screenplay, which i’ve mentioned… Lin Mei Xiu aka Cheng Ma, for best supporting actress.. And ITWY won in the best marketing category as well. Of course, not to forget, ITWY won the best drama as well! Yes, ITWY won 7 out of the 8 categories it was nominated for. Though i didn’t like quite a bit of In Time With You, i still REALLY loved it overall (didn’t like the Ding Li Wei and Youqing parts, and when Youqing was rather arrogant and all), so I’m really elated.

I of course loved it dearly for Li Da Ren, and I’m so glad Bo Lin won an award for this! Now, again i ask…. Where is my Li Da Ren? In Time With You was the only Taiwan drama i completed last year, so you can guess how much I loved it. I’m less picky when it comes to Taiwan dramas than Korean, since the plot is always similar, and I only watch them for the chemistry between the couples and all… It requires less effort to watch a Taiwan drama, so it’s all about the fun and fluff you get from the couples, and the charismatic artistes. I usually watch Taiwan idol dramas with no expectations, just to relax and all… I sometimes don’t even look at the screen while watching, and just hear what they say.. Since, Taiwan idol dramas doesn’t require your full attention. However, for ITWY, it was really different and refreshing, especially because… we had a very different male lead this time… Li Da Ren!!! And it had a story that many of us could relate to, not the rich man meets poor woman typical storyline in Taiwan dramas, so it kinda really shined in my heart, despite the flaws it had. The script was really great, with the lines of both characters to each other that i really loved.

“You are a book worth reading, over and over again.” (stole this from tumblr! Credit: Rikayla)

Yes i know, this is really unrealistic, for guys these days, will NEVER say this. But anyway, still, my heart flutters. Back to talking about the script…  I especially love how Youqing always calls out to Daren, like when she’s supposed to be talking to herself, going like “Hey Li Da Ren, do you know….”. That just shows how important he was to her from the start… That she always wanted her thoughts and opinions to be approved by him. Gosh, i really wish i could get my own Li Da Ren now. Don’t get me wrong, i loved You Qing as well, just… Da Ren owned! I actually found myself rather similar to Youqing.. Yes, both the good points and the bad points.. Thanks to this drama, i realized that I gotta change myself, since i got irritated with Youqing.. Which means, many might be irritated with my character as well.. But there you see, the character was brought out realistically.. And therefore i saw myself. The difference between Youqing and I? I don’t have a Li Da Ren. Damn, reality hurts. I guess that’s the most unrealistic part of the drama.. Cause… Li Da Rens doesn’t exist in this world. Extinct, you know!

I watched this for Ariel by the way, and of course, my love for Ariel grew with this show, for her stellar performance in this show… No doubt, she deserved the best actress award again, for i couldn’t see any flaws with her acting in ITWY. However, i loved Da Ren way more.. I’m a girl so that’s a given, yeah? Haha but for every other Ariel Lin drama, i loved her more than her male co-star, so i guess i can’t say I’m biased to males, its just Daren…. is just too ideal. Of course, one of the greatest reasons why I loved it because my Youqing and Daren were perfect together, and meant to be. I never thought i would love Ariel in another pairing this much, for Arjoe was the bomb, but I did. Anyway, I’m just really glad, for the drama really deserved every single award it got, despite the flaws the drama had! The beautiful quality directing by Winnie, and perfect lines in the script, Lin Mei Xiu’s perfect portrayal of a mother, and most of all, Ariel and Bolin’s portrayal that really brought the characters to life.

Anyway, more pictures of Ariel after the win!

And Bolin!!!

Some more pictures of the couple!

Some more pictures, after the award show.. They all gathered to celebrate for the big win!

And the two of them, waiting to present the award. I’m so glad that they’re still close! I really miss them!

I really hope the two of them can work together again, though its unlikely, because In Time With You was supposed to be her last drama for now, as she’s stepping out of drama business for a while… And the two of them already collaborated twice. Whatever the case, i hope to see the two of them together again! Maybe in a movie again, with a less arrogant Ariel, since I didn’t like that side of Youqing. There was supposed to be an ITWY movie, but i’m not sure if its still going to be made. (Of course, I’m still an Arjoe fan, but both couples work well for me) Anyway, we’ll see. Once again, congrats to all the winners for GBA, especially to Ariel and Bo Lin! They truly deserved it, right? As a fan, I’m just really elated, again i say. *smiles*

Anyway, these are some of my favourite quotes from In Time With You.

“For the last five years, I have been dejected and unhappy, but right now, I am happy…. Because I have you. Even though I know you won’t love me, I know that you treasure me the most.” – Cheng You Qing (In Time With You, Episode 6)

“As long as you treat each relationship seriously … You will definitely gain something at the very end… These gains can be happy and good memories, can even end in marriage.. Even if in the end, it is just a goodbye , we will still gain something eventually, which is to have a better understanding of oneself.” – Cheng You Qing

“Hey Li Da Ren, do you know that between two people, there’s always a lot of conflict and opposition? This is why people are always attracted to one another, but this can also be the  start of a disaster.”  – Cheng You Qing

“Hey, Li Da Ren… Do you ever have that feeling, that the happiness of purchasing all the shoes on the shelf …  is far more inferior to the contentment of finally attaining that very one pair you’ve long coveted?” – Cheng You Qing

“You were not ugly that day… To me, you’re like a precious rose in the desert. I just wish you happiness…” – Li Da Ren

I think episode 6 was my favourite episode in the whole drama, with many lines that actually lingered within me… Anyway, to end this post, I have one last quote. I think this quote below, needs to be given to my couple in Faith

“The me… that has now grown to be really fond of love … Who has learnt to love better…. Because it makes life even more worthy of living.”  – Cheng You Qing

Anyway, those who haven’t watched In Time With You, give it a try.. You might really love it. Just… remember to keep your expectations low after the spectacular episode 6, for the moment the second male lead pops out… I was irritated. But if you sit through the drama, I’m sure you’ll forgive those ridiculous parts it had, and love it dearly. On a side note, I really can’t wait for Lan Ling Wang. But i guess it’ll only air in January 2013. Let’s hope it’ll be good.. Ariel must have had a valid reason for picking LLW up, despite not wanting to film idol dramas anymore during that period… right?


13 comments on “Golden Bell Awards: In Time With You

  1. Super love your post! I’m as elated as you are! I’m definitely gonna do a rewatch and reminisce.

  2. Thanks so much for ‘ITWY award’ recap.. ^^ I dont know chinese, so i am really curious to death what they are saying.. And really thanks for your recap, finally i can understand..Thank you so so so much.,
    I dont surprise about Ariel win, i know she definitely would.. but i really wish Bolin could win, and he did.. He succesfully made Daren with magic, and i am glad finally his 10 years being paid of.. Ahh LiDaren, the reason i keep on my seat for ITWY..
    ITWY even with its flaw, deserved these recognition.. So so glad for them.. Hope in the future, i can see another great work collaboration from Director Winnie and writer Xu.. and another Ariel and Bolin collaboration ^^

    • Me too, I’m so glad for Bolin, since i expected Ariel to win as well. Yes, the drama was really pieced together nicely, with a perfect script and perfect directing. The biggest flaw was with Youqing herself, but i guess it was necessary to send the message the drama wanted to send to us (Of course Sunny’s very irritating character as well). That aside, Ariel did a great job in the role! It was like everything was pieced together nicely, to give us a show that was new, and refreshing, and one we could relate to. Me too, I hope Winnie and Xu yu ting can collaborate again, and of course Yichen and Bolin!

  3. Thank you so much for this!
    I ask myself the same thing. Where is my Li Da Ren? Sigh…
    So happy for both Ariel and Bolin. They were both so magical and beautiful in the drama. Although I didn’t think the drama was perfect and had to fast-forward some parts, it left a lasting impression. The moodiness of it and the overall cinematography was so beautiful and the acting was so realistic.
    I must have a thing for dark blue suits because didn’t Binnie wear a similar suit for SBS drama awards? Not many men can rock the velvet but both Bolin and Binnie look so gorgeous.

    • Yes yes! Not many men can rock this colour like Bin and Bolin! I remember Binnie’s sparkling bow tie, it was sooo good!

      Same here! I actually watched 1-6 in full, and i was really pleased with it, as it was so magical, with the lines from the both of them… But it kinda pissed me off from 7 onwards, with Youqing and Ding Li Wei… So i had to fast forward a lot there. It took me weeks to get through those episodes, i honestly almost dropped it! Thank god i didn’t for I really liked the finale:) Yes the overall cinematography was great, and the acting was realistic. Even the characters were so realistic, it hurts! I actually hate youqing for some parts, and then i realised i was rather similar to her… with the arrogance and being a perfectionist and also the good points…. But i really hated her bad points… so… i gotta try hard to change myself.. But yeah i could really relate to her. If only i could be as lucky as her, to have a Li Da Ren!

      Gosh, now i wanna rewatch episode 1-6, with a good cup of coffee, under my blanket:)

  4. WOOHOO! This is indeed great news – thank you so much! 🙂

  5. Wok is kicking my bum – I haven’t had time to write/review/recap anything. But I do keep up (or try to) Thanks also for all the detailed and BTS pics! I adore Chen Bolin. *hee* Miss you too! 🙂

    • Ouch! Wish you luck that work will treat you nicely! I adore Bolin too! I mean…. He is so ideal, with that LDR image tied to him now, especially. Awww!! Hehe hope that we’ll start fangirling a new drama together soon!:)

  6. Aiya, reading this post definitely made me want to rewatch ITWY. So happy for the cast and crew! And I love the little banter that Ariel and Bolin did before they presented Best Screenwriter — so cute!

  7. They deserved to win this!!!! 🙂

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