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May Queen Adult Cast Update

Don’t they look cute together? Let’s hope they’ll have a good friendship as adults, before revenge takes a toll on them.

Anyway, the full name list is out for the adult cast of May Queen.

Cheon Sang Tae, played by Moon Ji Yoon.

His simple and ignorant, often causes trouble and gets into accidents. He always fails in everything and only knows how to raise his voice.

(Moon Ji Yoon!!! He played Ji Hyuk in Delightful Girl Chun Hyang, Mong Ryong’s bestfriend. Sang Tae seemed to like Changhee when he was young, let’s hope their relationship got better, so we can see Ji Yoon and Jae Hee together in a drama again. I really loved Ji Hyuk and Mong Ryong’s friendship in DGCH!)

Cheon Young Ju, played by Jung Hye Won

It is her dream to become a famous celebrity. Even though she went for many auditions, she failed them all. She loves it when guys flatter her, and she loves being bossy.

Cheon Jin Ju, played by Yoon Jung Eun

Just like the young Haeju, she’s bright and honest, good with housework, and is the youngest in the family. (Finally, we get a good family member that follows Haeju and is most probably very nice to Haeju.)

Unfortunately, i haven’t seen any filming or script reading pictures of her. She looks young though, i wished they got Nam Ji Hyun(1995), not to be confused with the singer, to play the role instead, but i guess she’s too old for it.

Jang Il Moon, played by Yoon Jong Hwa

Very aggressive and impatient, he always follows behind his dad, Do Hyun, and is the successor of the company. As Dohyun starts to value Changhee’s intelligence, Ilmoon’s jealousy starts to accumulate. He always felt intimidated in front of his dad, and because of his hatred for the capable Changhee, he goes onto the wrong path.

YJH is cute! Let’s hope he’ll act well here. This is probably his first major role.

Anyway, more second script reading pictures.

Kim Ji Young plays Yang Mi Kyung’s sister, and also Han Ji Hye’s real aunt in the show.


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