Hwang Jung Eum for Singles

Hwang Jung Eum is looking gorgeous for Singles. I’ve been following this girl since High Kick 2, and gosh, i love this girl. I went from hating on her character at the beginning of the sitcom, to having a mini girl crush on her. Advertisements

Moon Geun Young for Cosmopolitan

Moon Geun Young is popping a matured look for Cosmopolitan. Doesn’t this sweetie look gorgeous? Anyway, filming for Alice in Cheong Dam Dong has commenced. It’s really good to see the girl back and active in Korea.

Lee Sang Yeob’s Shoot for Junior Magazine

Lee Sang Yeob is looking good for the upcoming issue of Junior Magazine. I squealed a few times watching the video, as he continuously smiled for the camera, looking cute and shy at the same time. (Video and translations provided below) It’s not helping that he dresses like how he was in I Live In […]

Behind the Scenes of Faith on High Cut

Well, I’ve always thought he was good-looking, and has a good built, but never was I crazy for him. But how i wish i can travel to Goryeo now, and hope that he can carry me on his left shoulder (or right shoulder)… And be my knight in shining armor. Anyway, it’s really nice to […]

Heaven in the Sky, Kim Ha Neul for High Cut

Song Joong Ki for 1st Look

Kang Ma Ru, i mean Song Joong Ki, is looking really good this autumn in Korea. Whatever the case, boy always looks good. I love how he looks in every shot here though.

My Sexy Man, Mr Lee Sang Woo.

His sexy and he knows it and his just out to make me…. fail my assessments. He is at it again.