Press Conferences

Lee Sang Woo at The Horse Healer Press Conference

My prince looks gorgeous all the time, today is no exception. Before clicking this post, i have to mention that this is a post on Lee Sang Woo, which means all of the pictures has that charming face staring at you. Anyway, here is the prince for your eyes. Advertisements

The Horse Healer’s Press Conference

The press conference for Horse Healer was held today, and i must mention how gorgeous and grand it looked. Everyone from the cast looked great, and my prince, Lee Sang Woo is no exception. This post is image heavy, so beware. Also, I will be having another post just for Lee Sang Woo’s pictures. Of […]

Nice Guy: Press Conference

Look at Joong Ki and Sang Yeob in this pic! BROMANCE! Apparently, they are good friends (along with Hyunwoo). Both are under SidusHQ as well, with Hyun Woo too. If you watched I Live In Cheong Dam Dong properly, you would fine Joongki’s signature in the Manhwabang. So, he must have visited his two friends […]

May Queen Posters + Presscon Pictures