Bo Lin says that Ariel Looked Sexy

Just came across this cute video of Bolin’s reaction to Ariel’s red carpet outfit, and I just wanted to share it. Click on this link: http://www.letv.com/ptv/pplay/82774/144.html
This is towards the end of this video, at the 0.56 mark, where Ariel and Bolin were interviewed after changing into their casual wear to celebrate ITWY’s big win..

Bolin said: I saw her in the salon before this and i was like: “Wow, very sexy… Why am I not the one walking the red carpet with her?” Then he turned to Ariel and tells her to talk about it, teasing her. She went on to say that people always don’t feel anything weird about it when they wear hot pants, but when hot pants is worn with a translucent chiffon dress,  then they’ll think it’s sexy. And the two guys beside her nodded in agreement. Hehe, Bolin is really too cute! The video also mentioned that she was asked if she was scared that her boyfriend would be jealous because of what she wore, and she remained quiet about her boyfriend of course, and said that she was more worried about her grandma and mum’s opinion. When they told her she looked great in it, she was relieved. She mentioned that she won’t be getting married any soon, saying that she wants to fulfill her dreams first.

Awww, I really hope the girl would marry soon, and live a happy blissful life, but anyway, let’s wish her all the best in reaching her dreams, and hopefully, soon… She’ll be marrying her real life “Li Da Ren” (She mentioned before that her current boyfriend, is like her Li Da Ren in real, and that’s sweet). Anyway, congrats to the two again!


2 comments on “Bo Lin says that Ariel Looked Sexy

  1. Awwww…that means that her boyfriend is her BFF. (if he’s like Li Da Ren) SWEET! I love the way she’s stepping on Bo Lin’s foot in the top picture. These 2 are adorable and seem to be such great friends. LOVE IT! Thanks again! 🙂

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