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May Queen: Bye Kiddies, Hello Lovelies.

Park Gun Tae! Anyway, he was asked about which was the most memorable filming venue in the drama, and he talked about when they were out at sea and all. He also said that he always wanted to act in a drama where his role experiences an innocent love story, and his glad to have come acrossed this role for May Queen. The highlight of this interview was…… that he aspires to be an actor like Mr forever no. 1 hot hunk So Ji Sub! He said he saw how hardworking So Ji Sub was during I’m Sorry I Love You… He said So Ji Sub never let go of his script during the filming, saying he always practiced his lines repeatedly. He furthermore praised So Ji Sub’s character. Let me squee. Oh gosh, can they collaborate again? In a drama, and Gun Tae plays his older newphew now?:)

Anyway, it turns out that the interviewer….. was Park Ji Bin. Hahaha. Gun Tae says that because Ji Bin is the one interviewing him, it feels like his being questioned at the police station? Oh boy what did you do wrong? Anyway, Ji Bin then started to sit like his a policeman questioning Gun Tae. These kiddies are cute. Gun Tae finally sums up, thanking everyone for supporting May Queen and that his sad that the filming is over… the interview ended. He ended going May Queen fighting, then Park Gun Tae fighting, and he broke into this extremely adorable smile, and started laughing to himself like a cute little kid, oh boy, you are so sweet.

Bye little Gun Tae…. I’ve been watching this kid grow up since being that cute kid in MISA. His since appeared in memorable shows like Time Between a Dog and a Wolf, and East of Eden (I loved the kiddy parts though it was a horrid show), and more recently, in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Funny how he appeared as the childstar for Yoo Seung Ho, when YSH and him only has a 3 year age gap. In fact i knew this boy around the same time where i first saw YSH as a childstar. He also had a short appearance in The King 2 Hearts, as the young Jae Kang. Well, his definitely not one of the best childstars in acting in the recent years, but i really liked his acting in East of Eden. He has a lot of room for improvement, especially with his crying scenes, but i have confidence that he’ll shine next time. Yes he isn’t the most handsome kiddo, but his charming, and i really hope he’ll shine. He just needs to eat more food, cause he is so skinny in May Queen. If i haven’t been watching this kid since MISA, and if i watched MISA for the first time now, i wouldn’t believe that chubby boy is the Gun Tae in May Queen. Anyway, bye boy, come back soon!

So yeah similar questions. Ji Bin says for him one of the most memorable and the scene he felt the most burden with was the one where he sold the loaches for Yoojung. He said in that scene he had to use a lot of expressions, and he needed to sound comical and all, and because he never done such a scene before, it was hard for him. He then moves on to say that his role model is Ha Jung Woo…. and Lee Byeong Heon, saying that they have the kind of mature manly charisma that he hasn’t attain, but wants to have. He then says he was close to both Gun Tae and Yoo Jung on the set, because they knew each other way before the filming. He said that he probably was closer to Yoo Jung before that (Yes, i saw a few pics of YJ and JB on his twitter before). Anyway, he said that 1 – 2 months before May Queen’s filming, they spent a lot of time together, going out to eat together and even celebrated one of their birthdays together… and so they got really close. He joked around saying that because of Gun Tae (Gun Tae gave a cute sound here, warning Ji Bin not to say anything weird), during the filming, he had a never ending smile on his face. How sweet are they! He then moved on to record a message for Jae Won, telling Jae Won to take care of his body in Ulsan because of the sun and all, he should take care of himself. He then thanked everyone, and asked everyone to continue supporting him.

Poster Shoot BTS for May Queen. When meeting the kiddos, the adults started to either praise the kids for their good acting, ask them to work harder, and fooled around with the kids. Haha this is probably one of the only few times the kids can meet the pretty looking adult cast. Just a side note, don’t you think it’s funny how kids get so much attention with their childstar roles in dramas these days. Or is it just for May Queen. Like they even appear in the postershoot, press conference and all. Anyway just a little squeal from me, Guntae learning on Yoojung was an ultra uber cute sight for me.

Anyway, Kim Jae Won introduced his character, saying that even though he has taken many nice and kind character, with good mannerism and all, he said that he thinks that Kangsan is really similar to him this time. Similarly, Jaehee and Jihye also introduced their character. Jaehee was so cute, saying that he won’t dwell on more about the role and the show because if he spoils us too much, there would be no fun in watching the show anymore.
Character introduction cuts here.

Anyway, special thanks to JaeWonFan on youtube for uploading all these clips.

Though i’m not pleased with May Queen, i’m really excited still thanks to my love for Kim Jae Won and Jae Hee. I’m really interested in Jae Hee’s role though. As we can see from Episode 9’s preview, Chang Hee managed to keep in contact with HaeJu after all these while, and they probably got closer, and maybe dated. He is no doubt Haeju’s first love, and i’m pretty sure he really loves Haeju. However, either greed or revenge will take a toll on him… in the future and somehow he’ll end up marrying In Hwa. The thing is, i don’t think he’ll ever give up on his love for Haeju. I’m pretty sure he’ll be forced into the marriage. Sigh, i like Haeju with Changhee now. I like Changhee and Kangsan’s friendship, but it seems like it won’t last. In episode 8, Kangsan told Changhee to move out from Dohyun’s house, and not to be on their side, because Kangsan is gonna treat them as enemies. However, somehow, as much as we know Changhee will want to do what Kangsan wants, he will not be able to do so. Or at least, revenge and greed will make him stay with them. Maybe he’ll use Inhwa for his revenge, and therefore the marriage? i’m not sure what his great hatred is about though. I don’t think it’s just about how Dohyun has been bullying his dad all these while? Maybe it is… i don’t know. In his character description, it was said that he found out some secret. It’s probably because of the secret… which is probably Haeju’s birth secret. Which means, his revenge is all about helping her again. Whatever the case, Haeju will probably fall for Kangsan(Yay, and nay, because i love Changhee and Jae Hee, but Kim Jae Won needs to be happy as well), and that will make Changhee angry, and probably feel that the world owes him, like in dramas with the makjang genre. Whatever the case, i’ll enjoy good Jaehee for now.

Anyway, some picture updates.
Young Joo, Yoo Jung and Hyun Seung Min

Young Joo and Yoo Jung actually looks close to each other. I love Young Joo so much, i hope he gets a nice “leading” childstar role again. How about with cute Saeron again?

Adult filming pictures.

Looks like Kangsan is going around, following Haeju again, and Inhwa hasn’t given up on Kangsan either.
JaeWon is back on the bike. Love his courage, riding on bikes again despite his accident on the Me Too Flower set, but i hope he won’t have any accidents this time.

Anyway, bye childstars.

I’m still crossing my fingers that the drama will get better with the adults. But the show is definitely not horrid because of the kids, its just the script is horrid, that’s all. The kids, no doubt, did a great job.


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