Nam Goong Min

Nam Goong Min for Hallyu T.O.P

I decided that i’ll give City Conquest a shot, just for him. I have no idea when it’ll start broadcasting though, but anyway, Nam Goong Min is the bomb. Swear i’m gonna rewatch Can You Hear My Heart in full, during my vacation. And hear his sexy voice. Anyway, please enjoy Nam Goong Min in […]

Nam Goong Min in City Conquest

Dear Nam Goong Min, why do you always have to be that “I can only watch you, and give you my one sided love” guy? When can you lead a full nice drama, not a daily, nor a special, a nice drama where you can shine? You are too fine to not have one.

Can You Hear My Heart? 내 마음이 들리니??

Whenever i see the beautiful sun rising, or hear the birds chirping, or just close my eyes as the breeze pass by… I think of this lovely drama, that i always keep in a corner of my heart. Can You Hear My Heart….This drama is too good for words. If Korea can have a drama […]