Golden Bell Awards: In Time With You

) It was a big night for In Time With You (我可能不会爱你), with both Ariel and Bolin won in the categories they were nominated for the 47th Golden Bell Awards. Yes, I meant it, Ariel for Best Actress and Bolin for Best Actor! Congratulations to Ariel on her second GBA win, and congrats to Bolin […]

Moon Geun Young for Cosmopolitan

Moon Geun Young is popping a matured look for Cosmopolitan. Doesn’t this sweetie look gorgeous? Anyway, filming for Alice in Cheong Dam Dong has commenced. It’s really good to see the girl back and active in Korea.

Faith, You Pain Me

These are my thoughts after watching episode 16… This post is extremely spoilery, if you haven’t watched Faith till 16. Gosh, it’s painful. I need a hug in place of Choi Young. At the moment, he’s pretty much convinced that Eunsoo doesn’t love him, and his love is unrequited. There was one line in 16 […]

Random: Cheong Dam Dong Family, Nam Goong Min is Looking Cute, Random Ramblings

A month after I Live In Cheong Dam Dong’s finale, i’m still not over it. Close to my heart, like a long lost family, it’s really hard to let go of this fantastic sitcom. I’m glad to hear that HyunWoo and SangYeob are really close now, they’re like inseparable kiddos, meeting each other every week! […]

Park Si Yeon Celebrates Her Birthday with Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki celebrates Park Si Yeon’s birthday with her on the set of Nice Guy. Hehe, they look so cute together. They look more like siblings, rather than ex-lovers in the show. Park Si Yeon is so youthful, can’t believe she’s already married, and way over 30. Anyway, Nice Guy premieres this wednesday, be […]

Just when i miss I Live in Cheong Dam Dong…

I see these….