Hwang Jung Eum

Hwang Jung Eum for Singles

Hwang Jung Eum is looking gorgeous for Singles. I’ve been following this girl since High Kick 2, and gosh, i love this girl. I went from hating on her character at the beginning of the sitcom, to having a mini girl crush on her. Advertisements

Kang Ji Hwan and Hwang Jung Eum to Possibly Appear in The Incarnation of Money

Looks like the drama gods has been hearing my calls! Hwang Jung Eum is expected to be returning with the producers of Giant in The Reincarnation of Money. Its been two years since Giant already, and I really liked the girl there, though i initially liked her because of High Kick. Since then, Hwang Jung Eum […]

I’ll try to do better…. I’m sorry, Woori.

내가 더 잘할게. 미안해 우리야…. “I’ll try to do better… I’m sorry, Woori.” ‘이제부터 아무말 안하기…나…세상에서 젤 나뿐 봉우리 되두 미워하믄 안돼…’ “From now, we won’t say anything… Even if i turn into the world’s worst Bong Woori, you can’t hate me okay?” ‘봉우리. 나두  딱 한마디만 해두 돼?  지금처럼 내 옆에 있어…’ “Bong Woori, […]

Can You Hear My Heart? 내 마음이 들리니??

Whenever i see the beautiful sun rising, or hear the birds chirping, or just close my eyes as the breeze pass by… I think of this lovely drama, that i always keep in a corner of my heart. Can You Hear My Heart….This drama is too good for words. If Korea can have a drama […]