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May Queen Update

How’s Kim Jae Won in pink? Gosh, not many guys can rock it half as good as he does.
But wait, what is Kang San like after 15 years?

Anyway, this is the preview for the next episode.

(Watching this preview, i scream “Changhee”!!!!!)
Just like in the picture above……

Boy, what has gotten into him?

But let’s not worry too much for the change in him. I mean, he went to the US, and he has always been playful.
And….. Haeju is gonna appear in front of him again. So he’ll stop playing around.

Gosh KJW is just so fine.

I swear i’d be like Inhwa, following KJW if i had a guy like him in my life.

But of course, his rival, and his good friend too (hopefully), isn’t lacking one bit behind.
Just as fine.

And the one Haeju is in love with, isn’t Kangsan at the moment, but Changhee, and i fully support her decision.

They seriously look good and sweet together, but of course, this is a familiar scene for the second lead in all dramas.

Haeju’s looking sweet though. Though somehow she lost her country accent.

So there, we have Inhwa, rounding up our leading cast. She’s following Kang San around again.

Family shot of Inhwa’s family.

Ilmoon looks so good. Despite his idiotic personality, i hope his one of the guys that falls for Haeju.

So the family is eating out, with Butler Park.

Butler Park is nicely dressed this time.

And yes, Ilmoon looks gorgeous.

Mummy, played by Yang Mi Kyung. Possibly, she’s the most hated character for me in the drama. She ain’t evil, but whatever she does is irritating. Her decisions are stupid, making the show unwatchable for many.

Do Hyun, our antagonist.

But Lee Deok Hwa seems to be enjoying his time, behind the scenes.

This is because i love KJW in pink.

To round up this picture spam my two angels in white.

I wonder if episode 9 will start with the adults directly, or still with the kids.

I was just rewatching Stars Falling From The Sky with my family that day, cause they were watching it, and i realised that Ji Bin hasn’t really grew since 2010. SFFTS is a fairly good romcom if you haven’t watched it, though, the drama got bad at the later part. But the kids(Chun Bo Geun especially), and Kim Ji Hoon were just awesome in the drama.

Anyway, i hope episode 9 gets better, with Jaehee and Kim Jae Won. Chances are low, but who knows. I trust KJW’s taste, so it was kinda disappointing watching 1-8 of MQ, but hey who knows, who knows really….it might really get better.


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