Upcoming Chinese Drama Trailers

Here are some of the upcoming Cdrama trailers i actually sat through. Secrets Hidden in Time by Janine Zhang and Wallace Chung Oh Man, wallace is so sexy, i can’t take my eyes of him. I seriously liked him when i watched Meteor Garden 10+++ years ago. He still looks the same, in fact hotter. […]

SOP Queen with Joe Chen and Zhang Han

Wow, Qiao En looks stunning here. Anyway, nothing much to say about the drama other than, it looks pretty. Well the set is gorgeous. It’s by Summer Desire’s PD so… that might explain this. Though SD sucked, but it looked pretty.

Lan Ling Wang

Now, i see some chemistry, though, still no good.

Lan Ling Wang Preview

Surprised that this time, Ariel doesn’t seem to be having much chemistry with her costar, Feng Shao Feng. I think she had chemistry with ALL her costars, from Joe to Mike to HuGe and all…. But, i don’t quite see the chemistry here.

Women of the Tang Court

Just pretty costumes, women politics. Trailer looks cool enough? Just… Not confident about Annie’s acting. But we have really good veteran HongKong stars here. At least one.