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Upcoming Chinese Drama Trailers

Here are some of the upcoming Cdrama trailers i actually sat through. Secrets Hidden in Time by Janine Zhang and Wallace Chung Oh Man, wallace is so sexy, i can’t take my eyes of him. I seriously liked him when i watched Meteor Garden 10+++ years ago. He still looks the same, in fact hotter. […]

Kim Ki Bum and Park Ye Jin for In Style

Been watching I Love Lee Tae Ri. Must say it isn’t bad for a cable drama. Kibum’s pretty cute, and Park Ye Jin looks gorgeous. Anyway, they appeared together for a shoot.

SOP Queen with Joe Chen and Zhang Han

Wow, Qiao En looks stunning here. Anyway, nothing much to say about the drama other than, it looks pretty. Well the set is gorgeous. It’s by Summer Desire’s PD so… that might explain this. Though SD sucked, but it looked pretty.

Ha Ji Won for Harper’s Bazaar

Gorgeous, nuff said.


Well, see i’m a great fan of Hong Sisters early dramas, so duh, i love Lee Jun Ki. Honestly, he’s built is so good now, i can’t believe that he was pretty boy Jeong Woo in My Girl or Gonggil in King and the Clown. These two roles of his? I loved them dearly.

Kim Jae Won Confimed in May Queen (Other casting news)

갑작스러운 어깨 부상으로 휴식기를 가졌던 연기자 김재원이 연기 활동을 재개한다. Kim Jae Won, who had delayed his comeback drama due to his shoulder injury, will now return to small screen. 김재원은 오는 8월 MBC 주말극 ‘닥터 진’ 후속으로 방송되는 ‘메이퀸(가제)’의 주인공을 맡았다. 지난해 10월 MBC 드라마 ‘나도, 꽃!’ 첫 촬영을 하다가 오토바이 사고로 어깨 부상을 […]

Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung Kiss