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No Queen Inhyun’s Man EP 14 Recap (Mini spoilers) + BTS

*cues Ji Hyun Woo singing “I’m bringing sexy back”* oh boy you are definitely bringing sexy back! So i just woke up before the broadcast, to find that Solive isn’t working anymore.. so i am sorry to announce that i can’t provide a live recap for the show! Sorry to burst your bubble! If you […]

Kang So Ra for Beauty+ and Hong Su Ah for Esquire

I’ve never watched anything by Kang So Ra, and neither did she struck me as gorgeous before, but i really like this shoot. She looks gorgeous here. Love the colors she’s wearing, and the makeup that goes along.

Queen Inhyun’s Man, ratings hits 1.47%.

Queen Inhyun’s Man reach a rating of 1.47% for episode 13, peaking at 2%. What will become of our couple?

Queen Inhyun’s Man Written Preview EP 14

The guards knocks on Boongdo’s door, saying that they have been ordered to arrest Kim Boong Do. Yoon Wol asks BD what they should do… Boong Do asks YW to let them open the door and let the guards in. KBD is taken away by the guards, and Sukjong orders to Boongdo to be killed. […]

Queen Inhyun’s Man EP 13 recap

YW comes into BD’s room. BD asks if anything was wrong with YW cause her face was looking pale.. Asking if she had anything she wanted to say to him. YW asks if he was really going leave here, and throw everything away, to go to that world… She tells him about the talisman, saying […]

Queen Inhyun’s Man spoilers

Kim Boong Do: Next time when you find out the truth………….. King Sukjong cuts his statement: Don’t say these things to me. Use your death to prove your innocence! Damn you King Sukjong. You were so handsome before this. — Yoo Inna shared a picture of herself on the 30th, saying: “Ah ah I’m lacking […]

Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo (Part of April 16’s radio show translation)

Yoo Inna: It states here “How did it feel when we acted together?” Ji Hyun Woo: Ah… what we felt while acting together? Yoo Inna: Yeah any difference with how we first met through the program.. Ji Hyun Woo: You’re more cheerful than expected… And therefore you brought fun to everyone on the set. Yoo […]