Answer to 1997

Answer to 1997, Episode 16 Mini Recap

Answer to 1997, Episode 16 Mini Recap It’s finally the end. It has been a short but sweet journey, with our 1997 teenagers that somehow felt like friends i’ve known from a while ago, with characters that i can relate with… Anyway, here’s the mini recap for our finale. By the way, please excuse me […]

Answer to 1997, Episode 16 Preview

“The reason why first love cannot be fulfilled”. Maybe it’s just an episode for Joonhee and why his first love was never fulfilled. Translations below.

Answer to 1997, Episode 15 Mini Recap

So, here’s the live recap of Reply 1997, episode 15. Enjoy! Episode 15: The period I loved you.

Answer to 1997, Episode 13-14 Mini Recap

Joonhee touched my heart through and through… through this episode. By the way this is just a mini recap for the two eps, just for you girls to read while waiting for the full recap from girlfriday and other recappers.┬áSo i won’t be editing this or anything after i rewatch the raw. Hope you’ll enjoy […]

Answer to 1997, Episode 15 Preview

Joonhee: Yoonje also said he liked you (x3) Yoonje: Hyung, actually.. Taewoong: You like Shiwon right? Taewoong: Even though in this world, you are my most beloved brother, i won’t give up on her. (I won’t give in when it comes to women) Yoonje: Hyung, i also won’t give up. I can’t give up on […]