Finally, the Adults for May Queen

As i’ve mentioned before, i’m struggling to carry on with this show. Finally the wait is over, i’m gonna see Jaehee and Kim Jae won. Hopefully they can help me continue watching this show.

Watching this preview for ep 9, i’m still on the Changhee-Haeju ship. What about you?
However, of course, in this preview, Kangsan > Changhee! Jae Won is too cute to be true. Haven’t watched 7-8 though. Hopefully, it got better.
Anyway, bye kiddos, hello my lovelies.


4 comments on “Finally, the Adults for May Queen

  1. That’s why I never start a drama with kid frontrunners until the adult episodes air. Not sure if MQ is for me but I was willing to take a peek for JH.
    Looks like I’m going to be waiting longer than I thought to give this a try.

  2. The kids did an amazing job with such shite material, seriously… in the 1st 8 eps I loved all the kids and loathed all the adults! I watched ep 9 raw and I’m liking the grown up cast so far although not sold on Han Ji Hye yet… will wait until ep 10 is out. Kim Yoo Jung set the bar pretty high, even if the story continues to drag I hope at least the acting will keep MQ worth watching.

    • I’m not going to lie, i’m not pleased with the show so far. It’s definitely not that the story is dragging, is more like the story is lacking, like meshing up several makjangs and piecing it together to form May Queen. I’m just still crossing my fingers that it will work out. Honestly, the acting by the adults isn’t impressing me at the moment, especially with Han Ji Hye, she just isn’t cut for non romcoms, so maybe that’s why Yoo Jung stands out.

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