Faith, You Pain Me

These are my thoughts after watching episode 16… This post is extremely spoilery, if you haven’t watched Faith till 16. Gosh, it’s painful. I need a hug in place of Choi Young. At the moment, he’s pretty much convinced that Eunsoo doesn’t love him, and his love is unrequited. There was one line in 16 […]

Thoughts on Faith

I’m so excited for Faith now, not because its the best show out there at the moment (some elements of the show are just really weak), but because of Gongmin and Young. By the way, this post is filled with spoilers.

Random: Cheong Dam Dong Family, Nam Goong Min is Looking Cute, Random Ramblings

A month after I Live In Cheong Dam Dong’s finale, i’m still not over it. Close to my heart, like a long lost family, it’s really hard to let go of this fantastic sitcom. I’m glad to hear that HyunWoo and SangYeob are really close now, they’re like inseparable kiddos, meeting each other every week! […]