Kim Boong Do’s Letter

이것은 당신에게 쓰는 서신인 동시에 나에게 쓰는 글이오. This letter is written for you, at the same time, written for me. 내가 이 글을 썼다는 것을 잊을지도 I might forget that I wrote this letter 아니면 이 글조차 존재가 사라질지도 모르지만 Or maybe, this letter might not even be in existent by then.. 내가 아니면 […]

Spoilers for EP 15 of Queen Inhyun’s Man (Mini recap)

I don’t have the paid solive so i can’t provide a recap! Sorry guys. ——– Im just gonna update spoilers. HJ woke up happily. she went to her drawer and looked at the talisman. She recaps to how he gave it to her yesterday night. He said there was no use of it for him […]

No Queen Inhyun’s Man EP 14 Recap (Mini spoilers) + BTS

*cues Ji Hyun Woo singing “I’m bringing sexy back”* oh boy you are definitely bringing sexy back! So i just woke up before the broadcast, to find that Solive isn’t working anymore.. so i am sorry to announce that i can’t provide a live recap for the show! Sorry to burst your bubble! If you […]

Queen Inhyun’s Man EP 13 recap

YW comes into BD’s room. BD asks if anything was wrong with YW cause her face was looking pale.. Asking if she had anything she wanted to say to him. YW asks if he was really going leave here, and throw everything away, to go to that world… She tells him about the talisman, saying […]

Queen Inhyun’s Man EP 12 recap

I will be updating this post. Please credit @redpinkboxes at wordpress or twitter or Jaejoongstolemyheart@soompi —————— Heejin is lying on the bed… and Boongdo looks at her and smiles from the side of the room. We see a pair of couple cups by the bed… and then daylight comes. She wakes up.. and couldn’t find […]

Queen Inhyun’s Man EP 11 recap

Don’t mind me for the bad translation. Have been having sleepless nights due to school, but my mind refuse to miss this broadcast for my important sleep. I’ll be updating this post. ——————————————– Sorry for the soundless videos Kiss scene. Other uploaded ones. Recaps —- She sees Boongdo. And lets go DM… with that unbelievable […]

Feast of the Gods Finale, Spoilers + Lee Sang Woo <3

Congratulations, Lee Sang Woo, for pulling a Park Shi Hoo. —– Last scene of FOTG. End of this cut, we have the failed date where DY cooks for her. After competition, where DY talks to JY Beginning food competition scene. I couldn’t record the whole thing, cause i was busy getting pissed with the writer, […]