Well, see i’m a great fan of Hong Sisters early dramas, so duh, i love Lee Jun Ki.
Honestly, he’s built is so good now, i can’t believe that he was pretty boy Jeong Woo in My Girl or Gonggil in King and the Clown. These two roles of his? I loved them dearly.

And of course, as a Hong Sisters fan, i watched Gumiho. I felt that after Fantasy Couple, Hong Sisters dramas ain’t good anymore.. But Gumiho was fine, in fact, quite awesome. That was all thanks to Shin Min Ah’s portrayal of Gumiho. Like seriously, i can’t look at Shin Min Ah without thinking, fox, now.

From the way she portrayed Miho, i don’t think she has any problem in portraying a cheerful ghost in Arang. Well, i think the roles is pretty similar, as in from the way i see it. Beings that are foreign to the world.

Anyway, i swear i’m quite a sucker for this type of ghost dramas.
This type of plot is really familiar…. in Hong Kong and China dramas.
When i read the synopsis, i can’t help but thing of my old TVB favourite, Time Before Time.
One of the most memorable TVB dramas for me.

Haven’t seen this type of drama in a while. Definitely never saw a kdrama like this… Maybe movie, yes.
Anyway, i’m really excited, and i swear the chemistry might just be GREAT.


4 comments on “Arang

  1. Yay!! She was really great in Gumiho!! I will definitely be watching this drama! Have you tried watching Big yet? I personally think so far it is the best of all the Hong sisters dramas I have seen, I hope that it stays consistently as good through the whole drama.

    • I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE BIG. Im a gong you fan(not for coffee prince but btsc). GONG YOO IS SUCH A CHARM. But definitely not my favourite Hong Sisters drama. I’m a big fan of Delightful Girl Chun Hyang and My Girl<3

      • I have seen My Girl, but not Delightful Girl Chun Hyang. BTSC is on my list to watch, am planning on watching it soon.

        • Well BTSC wasn’t a good drama honestly. But Gong Yoo was just so good at being 18 there. (Kinda similar to BIG in that aspect, but we can see how different he took the similar role again)

          Oh you MUST watch DGCH. It’s pure awesome in every aspect. Definitely my favourite. Everything was nicely pieced together, the angst and the fun. I didn’t really like Hong Sisters new dramas, so Big was a surprise for me:)

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