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Upcoming Chinese Drama Trailers

Here are some of the upcoming Cdrama trailers i actually sat through.

Secrets Hidden in Time by Janine Zhang and Wallace Chung

Oh Man, wallace is so sexy, i can’t take my eyes of him. I seriously liked him when i watched Meteor Garden 10+++ years ago. He still looks the same, in fact hotter. Janine looks gorgeous here too.

My Princess by Ady An and Sun Yi Zhou

I fastforwarded through this one…. But i got attracted to it at the end. See i’m a sucker for disabled lead characters. And i somehow felt like crying when Ady went death… And when she did the hand signs and all *sobs* The second lead makes me wanna sob even more though.

Fairytale by Janine Zhang and Lee Jun Hyuk

Half the trailer, i was busy figuring out who is Xuan and who is Yu… And i was wondering if Zhu likes Xuan or Yu…. And saying how Lee Jun Hyuk was so wasted in this show. And…. Xiao Yu’s voice is annoying. Xuan’s one is way better. Or, are they the same person?

Drama Go Go Go by Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang, Lin Geng Xin

Best thing about this trailer? Jiro and Gengxin’s kiss. Nuff said. Nothing really attractive in this trailer, other than Ruby’s everlasting beauty(she aged but still, it’s fine). Well, seeing the trailer fully, i think im not going to like Jiro with Ruby. I’d rather Gengxin with Ruby, or my pick at the moment, Hu Bing. The way he treats her so gently at the end of the trailer, come on ming ming, his for you.

Love You Limited by No Min Woo and Li Qin

I’m wondering how i lasted through this, cause i did get a thing from this trailer. Firstly, whoever is dubbing No Min Woo’s voice, ouch. Secondly, the SNSD Jessica look alike was really distracting. Thirdly, when No Min Woo’s character screamed Xiao Qi…. All i thought of was Huge calling Ariel in Tian Wai Fei Xian. Lastly, the Korean song by No Min Woo, was distracting. Anyway, a lousy trailer, god knows why i finished it.

OH but i got something. “Because we share the same mother………..” okay i think i got the whole story all of a sudden.

After watching these few trailers…. Hmm i swear i felt that i wasted my precious time.
But anyway, I’m on holidays, so thats the reason why i actually sat through these trailers.
None of them attracted me… I mean i never actually am attracted to Chinese modern dramas. Even if i was attracted to any, i never finished any modern drama before… Maybe i did, fastforwarding, but i can’t remember. I didn’t watch any cdramas for like 10 over years, till last year… Used to watch them on TV when i was younger but then after that, i couldn’t take the bad editing, dubbing and cheap looking set for a lot of dramas. Finally started watching some again last year.. Maybe because im growing older, im starting to want to watch more of things from my chinese culture. Sadly, chinese dramas are ALWAYS(most of the time) FAIL, so it’s really hard to finish any. On the other hand i love their historical dramas, since i’m a history lover. Looking forward to Women of the Tang Dynasty, Patriot Yue Fei and Lan Ling Wang for now.

But yeah, all these trailers above failed to attract me within 10-30 minutes. Whereas SOP Queen garnered my interest in less than 5 minutes.
Well, i might be trying Secrets Hidden in Time and Fairytale (For Lee Jun Hyuk and Wallace)… But i doubt i’ll pass ep 5.

For now, i will just wait patiently for SOP Queen.


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