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Lan Ling Wang

Now, i see some chemistry, though, still no good.

At least Ariel’s not failing! Thank goodness.
And omg i must say, Feng Shao Feng seems to have improved.
Not to forget how the other cast looks good as well.
Like how George Hu and Daniel looks…. Wooosh, I can’t wait.

Anyway, not as if i don’t trust Ariel. Ariel isn’t the kind that will just suddenly state that she’s gonna do a drama when she said she wasn’t going to… for no reason. LLW must be something solid. I mean i don’t think her joining the cast is solely for her fangirlish reasons.. Definitely not for Daniel only okay! The script must be substantial. Having the guys around her is a bonus.
Here’s the poster!

Filming will wrap in July. The airdate is still in negotiation. Well, if we’re lucky, we’ll get it by this year, or else…. 2013?
I had my phase of thinking ArJoe and FengMi was cute… ArGe too i did like…
Will…. ArFeng(?) be good?

Or will the bromance be better?


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