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Kim Jae Won Confimed in May Queen (Other casting news)

갑작스러운 어깨 부상으로 휴식기를 가졌던 연기자 김재원이 연기 활동을 재개한다.

Kim Jae Won, who had delayed his comeback drama due to his shoulder injury, will now return to small screen.

김재원은 오는 8월 MBC 주말극 ‘닥터 진’ 후속으로 방송되는 ‘메이퀸(가제)’의 주인공을 맡았다. 지난해 10월 MBC 드라마 ‘나도, 꽃!’ 첫 촬영을 하다가 오토바이 사고로 어깨 부상을 입고 중도하차한지 10개월 만에 방송 복귀를 하는 것.

May Queen will follow MBC’s Dr Jin in August. In October last year, he shoulder got injured due to an accident on the set of MBC’s Me Too Flower. He will finally return to broadcast TV after 10 months.

그동안 쉬면서 재활 치료를 받은 김재원은 최근 어깨 부상이 완치됐지만 재발할 우려가 있어 ‘메이퀸’ 출연 제의를 받고 한 달 넘게 고민을 했다. 하지만 시나리오와 역할이 마음에 들고, 촬영을 여유롭게 준비할 수 있다는 점에서 출연을 결심한 것으로 알려졌다.

Kim Jae Won has been resting all this while. Even though he has fully recovered recently, the doctor told him that there are chances that his condition will turn bad again. As such, he was in a a for more than a month on whether to join May Queen. However, because the script and role was appealed to him, and he still has quite a while to prepare for the drama, Kim JaeWon decided not to worry too much about it.

드라마 관계자는 “최근 첫 대본 리딩을 했고, 김재원도 이 자리에 참석했다”며 “초반 6회까지 아역 연기자들이 등장해 성인 연기자들은 8월부터 촬영을 시작한다. 김재원은 약 두 달 동안 드라마 준비를 할 수 있다는 점에서 복귀 부담감을 떨쳐내고 출연을 확정지었다”고 전했다.
An official from the production team of May Queen stated:”Recently, the first script reading was held. Jae Won appeared for the script reading. Because the first 6 episodes will be revolving around the childhood scenes, the adult cast will only start filming in august. As such, Kim Jae Won still has around 2 months to prepare for the drama. This assisted his decision in joining the drama(So that he has more time to rest cause of his injury).

‘메이퀸’은 선박을 만드는 여성의 일과 사랑 이야기를 그린 드라마다. 김재원의 파트너이자 여자 주인공에 한지혜가 캐스팅됐다. MBC 드라마 ‘욕망의 불꽃’의 백호민 PD가 연출을 맡는다.
May Queen will be revolving around the love story of a career woman and her dreams of success. The lead actress that will be collaborating with Kim Jae Won is Han Ji Hye. This drama will be directed by Flames of Ambition’s director, PD Baek Ho Min.


Nothing stated on whether he or Jaehee is the lead, but i’m pretty sure it’s more of Jaewon. But at least for now, the lead is Han Ji Hye, and the two guys are “supporting” her. Was kinda sure JW would accept the role, since… He is the type that once he likes a script and is set on it, he will really do it unless circumstances prevents him.

Well, i’m excited. My Wuri’s family babies are gonna reunite, plus they are my personal favourites in the Kdrama world. They were brothers in Wuri’s family, i’ve mentioned. While waiting for September, not august since that’s when he’ll start filming, since the kiddy scenes will be in Aug… So while waiting for september, i will rewatch CYHMH and DGCH. (YAYYY)

And maybe, Wuri’s family too!

Ouch Jaehee, that stare. :))

On a side note, Nam Goong Min, my another heartie from CYHMH has been casted for City Conquest, opposite…. Kim Hyun Joong. Hmm i had no interest in that show, cause i’d rather KHJ sing than act… But if NGM’s on…. i have to think about watching it… No i have to watch it.

Also, KIM KANG WOO is returning to our drama land. He hasn’t been in any drama since story of a man.

He has been casted in Haeundae lovers with Jo Yeo Jung… Well, I LOVE KIM KANG WOO so, im in.


One comment on “Kim Jae Won Confimed in May Queen (Other casting news)

  1. I Agree! Love the brothers from CYHMH! I am sooooo HAPPY to see them in a drama again! I fell in love with Kim Jae Won and Nam Goong Min’s acting! ❤ Can't wait to see May Queen and City Conquest! …

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