May Queen Casting (Not confirmed)

I’m not great at photoshopping… Anyone care to photoshop Park Sol Mi with Han Ji Hye’s face? Then we get our lovely cast. But, just kidding, it’d look awful. Image

Jaehee and KJW once collaborated in Wuri’s family. it was donkey years ago, i watched it on TV, kinda liked it, typical happy family drama. Anyway, KJW AND JH. 🙂

Coincidentally, Jaehee and KJW were in the army at the same time.

Well, i haven’t heard any solid official news that Kim Jae Won confirmed his role in May Queen, however, if he does, this is the rumoured cast list.

♥女主角チョン・ヘジュ(Jeon Hae Ju)-Kim Yoo Jung(Child)- Han Ji Hye
チョン・サンテ(Jung Sang Tae)-Kim Dong Hyun(Child)- _____ (Hae Ju’s brother)
ユン・ハクス(Yoon Hak Su)-Choi Min Soo (Jeon Hae Ju’s biological father, dies in 1st episode)
ユン・ジョンウ(Yoon Jeong Woo)-Lee Hun (Yoon Hak Su’s younger brother、HaeJu’s biological uncle)
チョン・ホンチョル(Jung Hong Chul)-Ahn Nae Sang( HaeJu’s stepdad、dies in episode 6)
チョ・ダルスン(Cho Dal Sun)-Geum Bora (HaeJu’s stepmum、SangTae’s biological mum)

♠Kang San-Park Ji Bin(Child)-Kim Jae Won
カン・テピョン(Kang Tae Pyo)-_____ (Kangsan’s Grandfather、Chairman of the shipbuilding company)

♠Park Chang Hee-Park Gun Tae(Child)-JaeHee
パク・ギチョル(Park Ki Chul)-Kim Kyu Chul (ChangHee’s Dad、World Group’s Butler(?) )

♥Chang In Ha-____(Child)-Son Min Ah(?) ?
Chang Yi Mun-____ – Seo Young Ju(Child)-Yoon Jung Hwa(?)
Chang Do Hyun -Lee Duk Hwa(Chairman of World Group, Geum Hi’s Husband)
Lee Geum Hi-Yang Mi Kyung(HaeJu’s real mum、remarried,InHa’s(2nd lead girl) stepmother)

Source: http://mykit.jp/pc/xiangnai/#0614

Oh…. look at that cast. Awesome veterans as well.. But oh makjang. Look… just birth secrets i swear??? Hahaha, I’m excited.

So yeah, the story is about two guys, falling for one girl…. And they are all young people in the shipbuilding industry. The 2 guys is obviously Kim Jae Won and Jae Hee.. And, obviously KJW’s role, if he confirms, is more of the lead than Jaehee. We can’t help it. KJW won the excellence award last year for gorgeous Can You Hear My Heart, when my poor underrated JH only did Color of Woman, which is a screwed up cable drama.

Well, i wish their roles are almost equal… Jaehee hasn’t got the popularity he deserved after so many years, so let’s hope he can have something solid here. Also, he hasn’t done any makjang, and has always been that cute little mischievous grownup boy, so let’s see if there’s any changes here. But yeah, poor Jaehee, his finally back to 2nd leading. I mean okay they consider both the guys as lead, but let’s face it, there’s no such thing as 2 leading guys in a drama.

Well, if you are a fan of Kim Jae Won / Jae Hee, you would have known that they acted together in Wuri’s Family. Yes, KJW was the lead there, JH was the 2nd lead. Rehash of 2002? Anyway, i can’t wait.

Both boys are dear to me…. Delightful Girl Chun Hyang will always be my favourite romcom and Hong Sisters work, and Can You Hear My Heart… oh do i have to repeat my love for it again? Cause this post will never end then.

All i can say? Han Ji Hye you lucky woman!

On a side note, I love the child stars. I’m such a fan of Park Gun Tae, since MISA days, and boy’s grown up so fine. And we have Park Ji Bin, who is sucha cutie, and was such a cutie in especially Stars falling from the sky…. And we have Kim Yoo Jung, who is getting so popular these days because of Moon that embraces the sun. She’s not my favourite child star these days, i liked her more when she was younger. Well, that’s because maybe I’m biased to child star Nam Ji Hyun now… Last but not least, we have SEO YOUNG JU, aka my CYHMH Young Bong Maru!


Can you wait? Cause i can’t!

Anyway i want BROMANCE. No one can beat the KJW-NGM pairing of course, but hey, this seems fine.


7 comments on “May Queen Casting (Not confirmed)

  1. Glad to hear JH with his upcoming drama. And if he gets the role as the 2nd lead, I’ll be more exited. He needs to take a break from the main role since like what you say, he hasn’t got the
    popularity he deserved after so
    many years. Protagonist or antagonist, I don’t mind. I’d love to see him doing a role which has a strong character.

    • Yup, hope his role is something different this time. Since his role is always the immature boy(THOUGH I LOVE IT!)

      I’m just so damn excited over this, i really can’t wait!

  2. I’m also very excited about the young casts. I heard we’d have about 6 episodes. Kim Yoo Jung and the rest of the young casts are all very solid.

  3. I’m new to kdramas, so i haven’t watched any of the cast’s previous dramas, but i just watched ‘100 Days with Mr Arrogant’ and i love KJW’s smile!

  4. please check this news came out this morning… Kim Jae Won was confirmed to be one of the male lead by TV Officials…http://news.jtbc.co.kr/article/article.aspx?news_id=NB10123840

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