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Sung Yu Ri Looking Adorable on Guerilla Date (And My Excitement Over Horse Doctor)

Been weeks since Feast of the Gods ended… And I don’t miss the show, i just miss Kim Do Yoon.
I liked Joon Young sometimes, disliked her with her foolish love story with Jaeha, but she was always cute with Do Yoon.

My liking for Sung Yu Ri is a different story. Her acting honestly isn’t good(One of those that improves a tiny bit over the many years, better than SSH at least), but i somehow like her. Maybe cause of Bora in Snow Queen. Taewoong and Bora was awesome together. A typical melodrama that made me think of it being a copy of MISA, but i guess it was really fairytale like because of the Snow Queen book, which made it kinda really lovely, especially to me, the sucker for fairytale love stories.

On a side note, i’m really excited for Horse Doctor, not that it’s related to Sung Yu Ri… But it is to Lee Sang Woo. Lee Sang Woo is still in discussion for Horse Doctor, at least the last time i heard. But whatever the case, whether LSW is in or not, I’m in.
Well, there’s Jo Seung Woo, my movie crush, who is finally debuting on small screen. And there’s Lee Yo Won, who just went all the way in Queen SeonDuk and 49 days, making me love her.
There’s Kim SoEun too, which i didn’t actually like till i watched A Thousand Kisses.

And there’s veteran actor Lee Soon Jae too! How can i miss it?
It’s slated for 60 episodes, and i swear i can handle it. It will be a Sageuk directed by Lee Byung Hoon, who is famous for Dae Jang Geum, Yi San, Huh Joon(LOVE this!), Ballad of Suh Dong, and his most recent work, Dong Yi.

I’m in definitely, with Lee Sang Woo or not.
Though Lee Sang Woo is definitely a bonus, cause he is my i love you~
Not sure what LSW’s role will be like… 2nd lead, means probable bad guy?
But Sageuks sometimes have their main leads as all 4 good characters, so i don’t know…
I can’t imagine LSW as a baddie, but hey, i’m ready, and sure that my boy can do it!

Been weeks only, i’ve been missing Mr Lee so badly, i need medicine.
This guy is probably my greatest love in a while. His definitely my greatest obession at this moment.

Horse Doctor is slated for september/early october release, so…… i have to drown in Doyoon scenes for now.

Other shows i’m really excited for… Golden Time and Arang. Junki baby back to my screen, and the voice too! Not to forget Hwang Jung Eum and Shin Min Ah, which i both like as female leads:)

For romcoms, I’m currently watch Big and I Love Lee Tae Ri, both about souls being in unfamiliar bodies. I’m liking both though. Big definitely for Gong Yoo, ILLTR caught me by surprise. It’s really cute, and sweet. And for serious action revenge fighting makjang stuff, i’m watching Gaksital and The Chaser. I like Gaksital more, but solid acting from The Chaser. Son Hyun Joo is so good, my ahjusshi crush. It’s really a typical makjang, but the solid acting from veterans, me likey.
As for Gaksital…. I LOVE SHIN HYUN JOON. I always wondered why he doesn’t get the lead role… And he still doesn’t, since Joo Won is the lead, but heck that, Gaksital is giving SHJ enough screen time, so i’m fine.
SHJ is so good with being Kang San:”But…. Is her butt big?” “But is her breast big?”

Anyway, planning to try I Do I Do as well, but that will wait.
I do think i’ll try I Need Romance 2, since i have a soft spot for Lee Jin Wook. Forever love him.


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