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Kim Jae Won, “I’ll guarantee average viewer ratings of 15% for May Queen”

MBC’s new weekend drama series May Queen held their prayer ceremony at MBC’s dream center on August 6. Kim Jae Won, Lee Duk Hwa, Yang Mi Kyung, Lee Hoon, Kim Yoo Jung, and Park Ji Bin and many other stars, along with the producer Baek Ho Bin, and the writer Son Young Mok attended the ceremony.

Lee Hoon, who hosted the ceremony, stated, “I hope the average viewer ratings of this drama will hit 60%, and that it will be very popular among the public.” Lee Duk Hwa also expressed: “We always wish success to our new dramas, but success does not come suddenly. It comes with every step. I wish that everything will be smooth for the drama, and i will do my best.

Kim Jae Won, who plays Kang San, said, “I go very well with MBC dramas. All of the MBC dramas i’ve done so far, never had its average viewer ratings lower than 15%. I will guarantee at least 15% for the average viewer ratings for the drama.”


Lee Deok Hwa

Yang Mi Kyung

Can you wait? I can’t.


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