Yoo Seung Ho to Appear in MBC’s “I Miss You”

Yoo Seung Ho has been confirmed to join MBC’s I Miss You. Now… WHAT?!

Apparently, the producers of the drama confirmed that Yoo Seung Ho will be appearing as Kang Hyung Joon in the drama, and he will begin filming immediately. He will be taking the role that was once considered by Chun Jung Myung. Kang Hyung Joon is the competitor of Han Jung Woo, played by Yoo Chun. And of course, he will have a one-sided love for Lee Soo Yeon, played by Yoon Eun Hye.

So… Here’s the description of his character. Behind Kang Hyung Joon’s gentle face, he plays a cold and heartbreaking character, being scarred by his past. I’m definitely not happy with Yoo Seung Ho for this role… Firstly because he looks too young for it, and secondly, i think he’s better at acting than Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye.. However, since Chun Jung Myung has considered this role thoroughly before, i guess this role must be one that can showcase an actor’s talent. Well, i hope so, for he was underused in Arang. Other than how charming he was there, i was in tune with Arang, calling him, “That crazy old man”. Well, I’m glad enough that Chun Jung Myung didn’t take this role, cause it doesn’t make any sense that he second leads Yoo Chun. Well, I shall not complain about Yoo Seung Ho taking this role, since he’s kinda taking this role in place of my sweetie Chun Jung Myung.

I’m not too sure about whether i’ll like this drama… Well honestly, i know i won’t. Mostly because as much as I love Yoo Chun, I don’t think both Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye can rock a melodrama yet, but well, we’ll see. I’ll reserve my comments on their acting when I watch it later, if I do. Why I’m still pinning hopes on this drama is because of the fact that I’m a great fan Writer Moon, who wrote my beloved Can You Hear My Heart.. So… I’m really hoping that this drama will be worth the watch. It doesn’t help that Yoo Chun looks gorgeous here, more gorgeous than in any of his dramas before. I’m all ready to see the charming boy rock his first melo, if he does. Anyway, it’ll air next month, so let’s just hope it’ll be good.


9 comments on “Yoo Seung Ho to Appear in MBC’s “I Miss You”

  1. I’m not sure why you are so firm on YC hopeless in rocking a melo, coz I’ve fallen for him rather hopelessly by nth but his angstier scenes all along in every drama he has done, and without them, I won’t be sworn in his actor fandom. He’s sucha too sensitive for his good crybaby in RL, no? He needs a lot of help and is very green still but out of the 3 discussed, I’m holding out hope he’ll show me the most improvement (and I’ve used up all my goodwill + patience w/ the other 2 frankly).

    Not a fan of YSH, and his much talked about promising talent has regressed much and I never got on his bus anyway…after seeing practically everything he’s done. I’m shallow and just not a fan of caterpillar brows to the point of comical *hideee*

    • Well, maybe cause i didn’t see ripley but lol im really not having a good feeling about YC + YEH in melo. Maybe cause his crying in real is really touching, and i don’t feel it as much as when i see it in his dramas. I think YSH is great, better than the two, but i don’t think he’ll do any good being in this drama. Ive been crushing on YSH for as long, or probably longer, than ive been crushing on YC. I just think this drama won’t be good, but well, i hope i’ll eat my words for YC and YSH. LOL HIS CATERPILLAR BROWS ARE SO LOVELY. Anyhow, i’ll still try this. Im hoping ill at least finish 1-4 with the childstars, to see the adults.

  2. The bts of this drama could rival or even surpass the angst of the show itself. It makes me nervous that a lot of names where floated for casting and they supposedly declined. With regards to the 3 Y, I’ve only seen them on Rom-Com with the occasional tears on latter episodes, so it’s hard to know their suitability for melo. I know the 3 can squeeze a tear or two, I’m just not sure if they can do the nuance crying. Even though I like Yeo Jin Goo, I’ll just check on this one after it airs.

    • Yes, you speak what i feel. And honestly, YEH is really bad at crying. Yoochun is… a cry baby<333333 But I'm not sure if he can act out consecutive crying scenes nicely. YSH, I'm pretty confident about his role, but i think he'll just be a sidekick to them. The dramas about love and love, how much of a role can he get?

  3. At first I was like Chun Jung Myung as second role for this drama? I don’t really agree with it so much that I have decided not to watch the drama. Chun Jung Myung is a better leading man than Yoochun. I am not a hater of youchun but I admit I am not a fan of his, I have seen some of his scene in a drama (just a clip not the whole drama) and his acting compare with Chun Jung Myung is really nothing. I am glad Chun Jung Myung did not accept this role ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Haha, im a Yoochun fan, because of JYJ/DB5K, but yes, i don’t think his good at acting yet. He has the potential, but definitely not as good as CJM yet, so i am with you on that, I’m happy CJM rejected the role. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I tend to think the opposite, YEH is not a beautiful cryer, but instead her crying is messy and genuine. Her last 2 dramas did not have the most amazing scripts in the world, but she was really great in Goong, Vineyard Man, and Coffee Prince. I am kind of upset that she’s paired up with Yoochun for this drama though, I’ve found him to be bland in the 2 dramas I’ve seen him in. I just finished watching Arang and Yoo Seung Ho made a great Jade Emperor!! I’m sure he’ll do a good job.

    • Haha i have no comments, for I am a DB5K/JYJ fan, but i know what you mean… Since i haven’t approved of YC in acting. As for YEH…. I liked Goong back then, and i like her, but I’ve always had a problem with her crying scenes, since it doesn’t come off as natural to me. But maybe I’m just being too picky, for every time i think of nice crying scenes, i think of Son Ye Jin and Su Ae… the beautiful criers… My brain’s picky. Haha

  5. he act more than good i love him even he was very mean in i miss u series also i want him with zoe at the end of the series :(:(:(

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