Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young confirmed in Cheong Dam Dong Alice

Actor Park Shi Hoo will be returning to small screen after a year through SBS’s weekend special, Cheong Dam Dong Alice.

This will also be Moon Geun Young’s comeback after two years, since Mary Stayed Out All Night.

Park Shi Hoo won the best actor award for his melodramatic acting as Kim Seung Yoo with Moon Chae Won in KBS2TV’s The Princess Man. It will be worthy to see his transformation in Alice in Cheong Dam Dong.

Moon Geun Young will play Han Sekyeong in the drama. She is a very positive girl who started working in a clothing company. However, all she does is to run errands.

The drama will be airing in december, taking over The Five Fingers.

Gosh, i love the cast. I don’t know how they’ll work out as a pair though.
But well, it’s nice to see Park Shi Hoo back so quickly! I thought he wouldn’t do dramas too soon after his TPM success. And Moon Geun Young, our gorgeous little girl, is back. Who has been waiting in agony for her to act again?

So, after Park Shi Hoo worked with Moon Chae Won, he comes back with her best friend, Moon Geun Young. Let’s see which of the two ladies has better chemistry with Park Shi Hoo.


7 comments on “Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young confirmed in Cheong Dam Dong Alice

  1. weekend special? less than 20 eps i presume..

  2. Omo super exited to know who will work together, pairing interesting, and there are two good actors in it more beautifully magnificent fighting!

  3. i’ve been waiting 4 her comeback..happy that she’ll partner with PSH

  4. Love Moon Geun Young!! I am watching Painter of the Wind right now actually.

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