My Sexy Man, Mr Lee Sang Woo.

His sexy and he knows it and his just out to make me…. fail my assessments. He is at it again.

As you guys should have heard by now, Lee Sang Woo was reported to be dating Sung Yu Ri. However, both sides denied. Well, FOTG was CRAPPY. I loved it nevertheless, cause my love for mr sexy is thanks to the show. I didn’t watch the drama in full though. After 10++ i gave up, and i just watched mr sexy’s cuts.

So well, i didn’t exactly ship SYR and LSW, since she was way closely with Joo Sang Wook back then. So, i was kinda surprised by the news. But through FOTG, i was rooting for mr sexy with SYR, and yes, he pulled a Park Shi Hoo, and ended up with SYR despite being the second lead. So yeah, obviously every viewer fell for mr sexy, even though he wasn’t the lead. And i honestly watched it for JSW, but i ended up hating on his character. Don’t get me wrong, i love JSW.

Whatever the case, Mr sexy will be coming back soon, with a 60 ep drama, Horse Doctor. Yes, he isn’t the lead… cause we have Jo Seung Woo as the lead, and im excited over that too, since it’s his drama debut.
So, overall, Horse Doctor is going to be a must watch…. Plus, the female lead is Lee Yo Won.
Okay, i shall stop here. Assignment calls.


2 comments on “My Sexy Man, Mr Lee Sang Woo.

  1. Hahaha I did just as you did…I watch FOTG because of Joo Sang woo..ended loving Lee Sang Woo..and following Horse healer because of the 2 Lee’s…I love Lee Yo Won and LSW..its getting very interesting..and I feel 2 days in a week is not enough…

  2. i knew lee sang woo since 18 vs 29 n 9 ends 2 out…n just watched FOTG…n became addicted to him…why u gave up watch the drama? i really enjoy it..even i dont really like the ending but still i like it n im gonna watch horse doctor soon

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