Hwang Jung Eum for Singles

Hwang Jung Eum is looking gorgeous for Singles. I’ve been following this girl since High Kick 2, and gosh, i love this girl. I went from hating on her character at the beginning of the sitcom, to having a mini girl crush on her.

Anyhow, this girl really doesn’t rest. Hwang Jung Eum went from High Kick 2 to Giant, which roughly took half a year of her time each. After Giant, she went to Can You Hear My Heart, then to Full House 2. She just finished with Golden Time recently, and she’s most probably gonna jump into The Incarnation of Money with Kang Ji Hwan. Now, i don’t think she had a break of more than 6 months in the past 3 years. Well, this girl is smart at the very least, working hard at the peak of her career. She started out as a horrid actress years ago, but now, I think she’s worth the watch. She still makes me cringe with her crying scenes, but she’s one where you can relate to her character, allowing yourself to cry with her. The Incarnation of Money is already topping the list of dramas that i’m anticipating, well, not as if i’m anticipating much dramas at the moment… But yeah, i mean, its Kang Ji Hwan and Hwang Jung Eum! Whatever the case, i hope Hwang Jung Eum gets sufficient rest before embarking on a new drama. Though… a part of me wants the drama now, if the cast really consists of Hwang Jung Eum and Kang Ji Hwan. Hwang Jung Eum is supposed to be playing some 200 pound beauty in The Incarnation of Money. She’ll turn into miss gorgeous, probably like in this photo shoot, but I’m hoping she’s not gonna be the elegant bitchy type, but just one with a gorgeous image as a cover to her not-so-beautiful past.


2 comments on “Hwang Jung Eum for Singles

  1. hwang jung eum she is so cute !!!!!!

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