Moon Geun Young for Cosmopolitan

Moon Geun Young is popping a matured look for Cosmopolitan. Doesn’t this sweetie look gorgeous? Anyway, filming for Alice in Cheong Dam Dong has commenced. It’s really good to see the girl back and active in Korea.

What a beautiful smile.

That aside, my lovely Nam Goong Min, is filming as a guest in Alice in Cheong Dam Dong now… He’ll be appearing in the drama as Moon Geun Young’s ex boyfriend.

And i was just melting into a puddle of goo, watching the girl with Kim Jong Kook on Running Man. She really does rock the chemistry with everyone, doesn’t she? Well, hello my qtpies.. Mr Sexy Voice Nam Goong Min, plus lovely cutesy Moon Geun Young? I mean…. Wow… Cute! Now, someone please explain, why did she leave him!? Well, because her life is filled with colours, and she has gotta welcome Kim Ji Seok and Park Shi Hoo.
Such a sweetie:)


3 comments on “Moon Geun Young for Cosmopolitan

  1. Ahhhhh, so breathtaking! She looks so alluring and her age in the Cosmo pix then like she hasn’t age a day since Little Bride in the bts. I’m not one missing a MGY drama, so plz dun be as wowingly horrible as MMM PLZZZZZ

    • Same as well. The only MGY drama i ever dropped was MMM. I know right, she looks exactly the same as she was in MLB. Now, i need to rewatch that movie again! šŸ™‚ Kim Rae Won and Moon Geun Young were the cutest thing back then:)

  2. whooo nam goong min!!! So happy!!! It’s dangerous for park shi hoo I might prefer the ex boyfriend! Hope he can fall in love with moon in real life ^^

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