Behind the Scenes of Faith on High Cut

Well, I’ve always thought he was good-looking, and has a good built, but never was I crazy for him. But how i wish i can travel to Goryeo now, and hope that he can carry me on his left shoulder (or right shoulder)… And be my knight in shining armor. Anyway, it’s really nice to see them having fun on the set. The cast is getting along really well, with Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho even competing on some handphone game, snatching each others’ phone to level up or something like that.

Kim Hee Sun acts like a mother on the set, and it’s pretty cute to see them off screen, having fun. She’s so cute with Ryu Deok Hwan.

As much as she lacks in acting, we can’t deny her beauty, from over a decade ago.. or what she said on Running Man, since birth.

As you can see, coordi-noonas’ are having the time of their lives.

Anyway, a picture of Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho’s gaming fight. I swear Kim Hee Sun is treating Lee Min Ho like her younger good looking brother now. Who wouldn’t want a brother like him, yeah?

I’ve mentioned how much fun I’m having, watching Faith right? But don’t take my words for it, I’m probably just intrigued by fantasy sageuks at the moment, since its a fresh genre for me. Of course, I’m really enjoying it despite it’s flaws, like bad acting, bad editing, and all. But i love the story, and how history comes into place. It doesn’t help that we have lovely couples in the show, and cute warriors… Honorable mentions: Dae Man, Deok Man. So as much as it isn’t a great drama, it’s really interesting, making me want for more with each episode. Just lower your expectations, and it’ll be a great ride. Of course, episode 1-2 was really horrid, i would have dropped it then and there, but thankfully, i didn’t, and now, I’m happy. I take the flaws with a pinch of salt, especially when I’ve always been clear with Kim Hee Sun’s standard of acting, and I’ve seen way worse editing from China dramas, so it became an enjoyable watch for me.


13 comments on “Behind the Scenes of Faith on High Cut

  1. I know what you mean about the flaws of “filming & editing”, because I’ve worked in that environments for so long. Now days, I just enjoy any Drama’s! But I compliment them in adjusting into their story line, even though it’s not easy.

    • Cool, you’re working in film making and all? Was studying that, but opted out of the cost cause i swear i wouldn’t be skilled in that field. Yes, I really love how they nicely adjusted her into history… Especially when they don’t change history one bit. Even though it’s flawed in many ways, but I really liked the recent episodes, and my liking for it, has allowed me to ignore the flaws.

    • Early years in film making was not easy for women, in man’s domain! But I was lucky w/ the poeple who I worked with. With the technology/HD computer enhancement it’s made animation collides w/ reality…some times too much in Hollywood. I’m glad that Asian & other ethnics is catching on w/ their own story line! I “Love” a lot of diversity in Korean drama’s right now, it’s evolving / dareing it’s writers to open up. But the writers still has to answer to society and it’s financial guide line. That’s what makes it interesting! Thanks

  2. coordi noonas are lucky human beings. enough said.

    now I realize why I love Faith so much: it’s purely because of the theme “faith” itself. hence I tend to ignore all the flaws (although sometimes it’s too visible to be ignored) and enjoy it to my heart’s content.

    hihi! looks like Young earns himself another fan 😀

  3. You’ve caught the Choi Young fever, I see. 😀
    My mom was just saying how pretty Kim Hee Sun is. Still a beauty after all these years.

    • I know right, the best thing is that she never aged. In fact, she got younger. She’s one of the first Korean actresses i saw, and she definitely looks as gorgeous as when i first saw her.

      Yes, i caught the Young fever. His so much cooler being alive. Maybe that’s the point. The show wanted us to grow from not believing in him, to having faith in him, like now. That contrast, is even better than having faith in him from the start.

      • Of course, though, for the highly competitive ratings war and impatient viewers, his listless character in the beginning wasn’t a draw. Too bad.

  4. Ho! I’m so glad i found someone who agrees that Kim Hee Sun’s acting is lacking. I’m q addicted to the show, but my lack of tears for parts which should be sad/touching left me wondering why. And my conclusion was her acting and maybe how the scenes were not layered properly. Nothing personal, as i like her personality and beauty too. but.. just a pity that the exciting storyline with many emotion evoking scenes didn’t work out.

    What do others think?

    • Well, as much as i don’t think KHS is a great actress, i do think she’s doing enough for the role, since the role doesn’t command too much of her emotions. I think what she’s doing is just nice at the moment:) Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying it. She’s supposed to be loving him with all her heart, however, hiding her emotions deep inside. She might not be acting it out the best way, but i’m contented i guess:)

  5. i love them..nice actor nice actress..nice story…i love the story ..i looking forward for the part2..the wedding..and the uncle should die..that bastard poison…i love faith..i never been interested about history..the weird clothes the story is boring..it made me sleep..but wow when i see the faith i amazed..i love it..really

  6. im wondering too why she seems like keeping her feelings to herself.but,maybe its because she is required to supposedly draw a line between her n choi young,she said this to doc jang,right?choi young is very loud with his actions without the need to say he loves her.i prefer to think that they want to show a mature relationship which doesnt require romantic words and gestures.i want to see more romantic scenes but unfortunately no…still i think she acted the role well. just my 2 cents 🙂

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