Answer to 1997, Episode 13-14 Mini Recap

Joonhee touched my heart through and through… through this episode.

By the way this is just a mini recap for the two eps, just for you girls to read while waiting for the full recap from girlfriday and other recappers. So i won’t be editing this or anything after i rewatch the raw. Hope you’ll enjoy this while waiting for the full recap.
Beginning of the show, starts with Yoonje in 2005. He works in a courthouse, his a judge.

Yoonje introduces all of their (the friends) current jobs and all..

Sungjae’s working at a farm (Figured his a civil servant), Yoojung’s a teacher, Joonhee’s a doctor so on …
And he says, he doesn’t know anything about Shiwon..

“We met by fate today…” – Yoonje
And he, at the counter ask for a lot of cream for his drink..
And Shiwon recognised that it was him.
They look at each other….. for a good few seconds.. to maybe minutes.
They sat down together..
“Yoonje, it has been a while”
They say their greetings, asking if each other has been doing well.
She ask him what his hear for, and he said he had some business here and all..
She asked him if he has a girlfriend.
He says yes, saying they just started dating not too long ago.
She calls Joonhee telling him that Yoonje has a girlfriend in front of YJ.
He then explains that it’s just a friend! “Girl…. Friend” kind of friend.
He starts to say to himself about how for the past 6 years his been working hard, but just like that because of one night… everything is back.. to that time where he kissed her in 1997. Everything was “reset”.
He goes back and starts ranting to Joonhee…
He then gets mad at himself.

Shiwon, on the other hand is delighted at home, using her computer, smiling..
However she receives a call, and her expression changed.
Back to YJ and JH… JH was dressed in black, and YJ asked why.
He told him that Yoojung’s dad died..

At the funeral..
Sungjae talks to the elderlies.
SJ serves YJ some food.. She cries..
He tries to cheer her up.. She tells him to eat with her.
Yoonje, Joonhee and Shiwon arrive, and SJ says we’ll eat with all the “kids”.
As usual, SJ talks a lot, saying its been a long time..
YJ starts to smile..
SJ then says that it’ll be perfect if Hakchan was here.
He said that he sent a message to HC saying about everything. Seems like HC and YJ have been apart all these while.
They begin asking about each other.. How is YJ and then talking about the past.

Then Shiwon returns back to 1999 March.
She was in the noraebang with some friends.
They start going high, singing and drinking and all.

Time returns back to the funeral, and YJ reassures them that she’s fine.
However she tears again.
She says since she came to seoul and all.. Whenever her parents called, she’ll say she’s busy and she’ll cut off, whenever they asked about her, she’ll say I don’t know, I’m busy..
She moves on to say how curious must they have been about me.. About me being a teacher and my life and all..
She continues going on about her and her parents… Saying she’s been too much.
Shiwon consoles her..
The rest looks sad and down.
JH SW and YJ left and talks about poor YooJung outside.
YJ then says his envious of this YooJung though.
He wanted to fight with his dad, have his dad being worried over him and all.
He says he doesn’t and never even had a dad like that…
SJ then comes and pick JH saying to drop him.
JH then tells SW and YJ to talk since its been a long time since they met, and they should reconcile well.
They then argue again about getting a taxi and all, just like in the past.
Shiwon’s parents came and call YJ to get on the car…
Shiwon argues with her dad again…
They both get on the car.
Mum goes somewhere while they’re all in the car.
Dad asks about Yj asking if he doesn’t have to work together and all..
And other stuff…
Shiwon then asks him about his slang, that she can’t really hear his saturi and all anymore…
He says that he has always been smarter than a lot of people, so he mastered it quickly.

Shi Won’s phone rang and her dad searches her coat to get her phone… when he found and held up cigarettes.

He thought they were Shiwon’s and started to pull her hair and scolded her. However, it was in fact Yoonje’s one and Shiwon took them from him earlier and put them into her coat pocket. SW then looked at YJ and gave each other some signal(?). Hence because of the signal… Dad thought he was covering for SW and therefore started to pull both their hairs.

Mum returns and they go off.
Dad continues to scold Shiwon.

Next scene, we see SJ slacking at work… Then he recaps to a while ago…
His boss/supervisor keeps calling him to do stuff and all…
He looks exhausted. A grandma then comes to him and talks to him to get him to do something. He tells her to come again tomorrow.

Shiwon is using the computer as she talks to Taewoong on the phone.
She then asks him what he wants, cause she doesn’t have money to buy him anything.
He then says his coming and then he arrives at her place.
They talk over random stuff, and she starts to boil water to cook ramyeon.
She then nags at him and all, and she says will you take responsibility over it?
He says yes of course, its my wish to be responsible for you!
She scolds him and tells him to stop playing and that his been a player.
He then talks about him and her again…
However he knew it was awkward and stopped there.

SW then replies, saying his like gidari ahjusshi (daddy long legs) to her, just the same as 6 years ago.
Time turns back to 1999, when she said to him that she has something to say to him in the last ep.
There she says, I really like you and all but I’m still young, and I don’t know what is love.
She then says her heart is somewhere else and all, and apologizes.
Taewoong then hugs her saying he understands and he’ll wait, being her gidari ahjusshi, staying by her side and all.

Time turns back to in her apartment, and TW asks, am I still your gidari ahjusshi?
He asks do you know how can I stop being your gidari ahjusshi?

Back to SJ at work, and grandma comes to him again asking him to help her.
He gives excuses again, saying his busy, and he’ll help her the next time..
He runs off.
We then see shiwon drinking a drink in a café…
And then to her home in busan(they’re staying here cause of YJ’s dad’s funeral), sometime back.
She tells yoonje whos on the bed that she knows his not sleeping and gets him to come out.
They start drinking and talking in the living room.
YJ talks about his family and life and all, saying his still thankful for everything.
Shiwon then asks him: “What about now? Do you still like me now?”
He then turns to her, and she looks back. They stare at each other for a bit… And YJ looks down awkwardly.
YJ: “Next time… We’ll talk about this next time.”
He goes off to the room, telling her to sleep well.
Back to SJ and grandma, and he keeps his promise, bringing her to where she wants to go to.
Grandma and him sits on a bus to somewhere.
SJ asks if it’ll take a long while and asks her to nap.

YJ and SW wears black again, and are waiting for JH at the hospital.
JH comes out in his working clothes, saying he has an urgent job, and tells them to look after Yoojung well.

SJ meanwhile walks with granny.

In the carpark, YJ can’t open his door because his using TW’s old car…
SW looks at the absurd scene.
YJ climbs into the car through the window, and then tells SW to get on.
When they’re in, the windscreen wiper doesn’t stop and all, everything about the car isn’t working. She whines trying to get down the car however she can’t open the door…
She then asks him doesn’t he have any money to buy a car and all.
YJ then says that he’ll never say he’s brother’s car, because it has a lot of memories with SW.
SW froze there, and he asks her if she wants to listen to music…

SJ is still walking with granny.. It’s the night already, and granny is walking tiredly, so he carries her.
He asks about her family and kids and all..
She then tells him about her family.

Back to the hospital, JH’s colleague asks him why he didn’t go to Busan…
He then says something came up… (So he wanted to give the two time together alone)

Back to YJ and SW alone in the car…
She looks down hearing the song, and he asks if she still likes only HOT’s music and all…
“Yoonje, answer me now. Do you still like me now?” – SW
“I’m asking you if you still like me now.”
She looks at him with tears in her eyes.
“What about you? Why are you asking me that? Do you like me?” – YJ
“Yes, I like you.” – SW
He looks at her, shocked…
“Not as a friend, but as a guy. I like you.” – SW
YJ takes it awkwardly…
He stops the car by the road.

“I answered already. What about you?” – SW
He ponders about how to answer.
“Do you still like me? Answer me. NOW!” – SW
He says in his heart, yes I still had the feeling and all. He ponders whether he should tell her that he still likes her.
He continues, if I don’t say it now, and later, maybe the later never ever comes…

The day of the final burial..
They are all in the bus, and YooJung is crying. She sits down at the back of the bus.
Someone stops the bus from outside (we can guess).
Everyone looks happy.
Hakchan sits beside her… She sees him, and cries harder.
YJ speaks in the background… something like: You must do it now, because you don’t know when the time will come again. It may never come, so we must do it when we can. Which is now…

SW is back and home, and someone rings the bell, she receives a book, and reads it..

Seoul, 2005.
Yoonje is a judge.
He receives a message and replies (didn’t see what it is).
He then reflects to SW’s confession..

JH is with TW.
JH then tells TW, isn’t it better to let YJ no?
TW then says its just a simple surgery and all, don’t have to let him worry.
JH then talks about him needing a guardian and all.
SW arrives, and TW says his guardian arrived → Shiwon.
She coughs badly, and JH asks her about her condition.

She asks how to TW and all..
He then says, what how, you’ll have to be responsible for me for life.
JH and SW talks at the staircase.
They head down to one part of the stairs. There’s a chair painted on the stairs.
She talks about the time when her dad was sick in the hospital and all.

 oops my stream stops—

JH says YJ still likes you a lot.
SW then says what about you, you still like YJ right?
He says its time to forget his first love and all.
SW apologizes, and says he must have been in pain, but she only thought about herself all these while. He says she doesn’t have to be sorry, because the two of them are his best friends.
He then says he has to leave already.

We see YJ sitting on the stairs on another level. He heard everything and realises that JH liked him all these while.

Sorry stream stops again (Realised that I need an account but I don’t have one so its like that.. Can’t solve this now. Can’t give the full mini recap for this ep anymore sorry!)
YJ and HC are at where SJ works… They walk together in the woods and all.
HC asks if she wants to drink water and asks if her leg is tired and all…
He then says the part in the preview..
His sorry that his late…
He then says his not going to go to anywhere anymore, and his gonna stay with her, and he loves her..
She smiles, and kisses him.

TW is in the hospital, in a room on the bed.
Some female doctor lies down on the sofa in his room. (OMG HIS LOVE INTEREST?)
She realises TW is there, and they both ask who each other are..
And he says his the room’s owner and all.
Seems like the girl is interested in him.

Back to YJ in his office, he talks to someone on the phone.
SW comes to his office, coughing, with food for him.
He says he doesn’t have time to play with her and all.
And she continues coughing, and he gets worried.
She says not only his busy, she’s busy too!
They talk about JH and all.
She touches his laptop, and asks for his pw, but he doesn’t give. She guesses it right..
Its got to do with his parents, she knows him well.
Back to the hospital, doctors are talking to TW..
JH is still an intern…
Somehow TW is gonna be under a female doctor… And it turns out to be the doctor that laid on his rooms sofa just now. (Really, writer made an love interest for him!)
She talks to him about his condition, and if he had any questions over it.
TW answers no.

Meanwhile, SW is eating with YJ.
-missed- (I’m just typing whatever I can catch)
He asked her what her “crime” is.
EJ seems really sick.
She says the crime for not knowing who she liked.
SW then asks what should her sentence be.
He replies, life imprisonment, but not her… Him. He says he’s imprisoned. Now, and forever, till he dies.
He moves away.

Back to the hospital, female doctor teases TW and all.
She asks him to eat dinner with him.
He apologizes, rejecting her.
She leaves, being rejected. TW smiles, thinking she’s rather cute.

I think I didn’t mention this before, but YJ and JH are living together in seoul.
JH wakes YJ up.
They eat breakfast together, and YJ says they should eat together for dinner.
He says he’ll go and find him at the hospital, but JH says not to and gives an excuse (Cause TW is having surgery and all.. So he needs to hide it for TW)

YJ talks about TW (I miss this again) to JH.
JH asks if he is not going to be with SW because of TW. He asks is it because TW chosed SW?
JH tells YJ: liking someone is not a choice. It is something the heart calls you to do.
JH then says SW likes you.. and also something like… “You liked her since a long time ago, but it is not her fault that she didn’t know.”
JH: You’ll might never know who likes you(Poor JH *sobs*)… You still like her, a lot. So this is it. Don’t just think of your brother. Do what your heart calls you to do.

Back to TW in the hospital. JH is reporting to the female doctor about TW’s condition. SW is there too.
The female doctor asks who she is? TW’s girlfriend?
SW says no, I’m his sister.
Doctor feels relieved, and say wow, you’re a beauty to SW.
YJ finds out that TW is sick.. And rushes to the hospital. They explain that its just a simple operation to YJ.
Doctor then asks about YJ..
And then says that wow, TW’s brother is a good looking boy too, literally pointing out SW and YJ… are “siblings” HAHA. Of course she misunderstands.
They all leave, and SW wanted to leave too, but YJ holds her back.
They had to the staircase to talk. YJ sits on the “chair”.

YJ asks if the operation ended well.
She tells him yes, and he really doesn’t have to be worried.
They talk and all.

YJ: “SW ah, Hyung still likes you, you know right? He is still waiting for you… till you return to him.”

SW: “What about you? Don’t think about him only… What about you? Your brother is like the closest person in the world to me… But the only one i like is you.”
SW: “I’m just asking about you… if you still like me…”
Then she starts to count to 3, for his answer..
He kisses her!
They are both smiling happily (Why did I have to miss this T___T)
He then kisses her again.. (at least I didn’t miss the two kisses)

Cuts to JH talking to YJ…
JH told YJ plans of him moving. YJ doesn’t question, cause he knows.
JH says he’ll move this week, and ask YJ if he didn’t disappointed/sad.
YJ: Should I? you’re gonna avoid me? Even if you don’t wanna see me anymore, I’ll chase after you forever.”
They both smile…

JH is back to the hospital and he talks to SW on the phone at the staircase.
JH talks to SW about their kiss and all, saying YJ told him everything.
The convo ends.. TW is upstair, and he heard everything.

Back to 2012, at the reunion.
SW passes the phone to talk to her dad.
We see both TW and YJ talking on the phone… With SW’s dad talking in the background. So happen, they have the same answers to the respective caller and all.
Show ends.

Not sure if I missed anything at the last part I missed. Doubt so.
But WHAT, It’s obvious its YJ already right?
Why are they still keeping it.. T____T
Maybe they have something more to tell..
Like, the next two eps are gonna be longer than usual, therefore 1 ep a week. So there’s definitely way more to tell, then just solving TW’s problem and love life.
Hope they don’t drag the drama, cause its as perfect as it is now.

Anyway, sorry for the sloppy mini recap!
Wonder if i can stream TvN in full ever again…
Anyway, great episode. Liked how everything developed slowly and nicely between YJ and SW.

And of course, greater with Joonhee’s awesome words and dialogues..
“Liking someone is not a choice. It is something your heart calls you to do.”
“Do what your heart wants you to do.”
“You might never know who likes you.”

Poor Joonhee, probably the most beautiful character in this show.
I love how the writer used YJ-JH to show us what love means.
Even if there is no way the person will love you, it doesn’t mean you can’t love the person. As long as you do what your heart calls you to do, you’ll never know. Of course, it didn’t work out for Joonhee, but he still likes YJ, and he will never regret.

He probably won’t stop loving YJ, but he feels contented, as long as he can be by YJ’s side, and love him forever, even if it means to hide it by being just a friend.
Boy, you’re charming, you’re beautiful.


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  1. you are a life saver!! i love youuu~~!!

  2. Thank you so much!!!!

  3. SUPER THANK U 😀 !! …may I ask, how do you stream it …I don’t understand a bit of korean but It will be okay if it is raw, I’m super curious xD every week … and sometimes there is not anyone to recap this fast 😦

  4. the moment i realized you are watching this (from soompi), I go straight to your website *grinning super wide!!!!!!*

    And i was totally laughing your comment everytime you missed something =)

    Dont worry bout the part that you missed, I for one is already VERY, VERY grateful that you are doing the live recap =)

    Now I can finally go to sleep LOL

    THX!!!! really appreciate it.

  5. OMG!Let me hug u ;A; u cant imagine how much ı try to search for recap for new episodes on google yet ı didnt find anything then jsut before ı decide to stop ı found ur link XD ı must be very lucky today *u*
    U are so funny XD while i read recap it feels like streaming know which parts to stop o.o xD lol
    I loved this eps so far *^* Im happy that they are finaly sure about their feelings >.< Shiwon did great job by asking so much times ı guess xD
    by the way is it ok if i ask which streaming link u use 😮 ? Thank you so much for ur hardwork<3

  6. Hi there,

    nice recap. But there is a little mistake in it. Shi Won’s phone rang and her dad held up cigarettes which he thought were Shi Won’s when in fact they belonged to Yoon Je. Shi Won had them because she took them away from him and put them into her jacket pocket. That’s why the dad was pulling her hair not because of a new phone. Ah and he pulled both kids hair because he thought they were in this together, that Yoon Je would just cover for Shi Won.

    • Thanks girl. Noted. Wasn’t seeing it properly cause i was watching it through my phone and typing HAHA. I’ll change it soon:)

      Thanks everyone for your support:) Since i was watching it live, i decided to help to spoil you all!

      • You’ve been a great help!!! I was still at work when it aired but every now and then I sneaked at my phone to read your recap!!! Do you plan to do this the next w two weeks again? I’m on vacation without a laptop so there is no chance in hell for me to see the episodes but sneaks at the phone are allowed 🙂

  7. Thank you so much! I’ve been dying to see what unfolds in ep13- you did a great job!

  8. Thank you so much. God bless!

  9. thank u….u just made my day!!!!!

  10. Yaaay! Hip hurray for SW-YJ!! No more twist please!!! Even with the two more episodes, please don’t change the status quo, just make it happier! Love the scene of two of them together, just make the whole lot with those!

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