Answer to 1997, Episode 16 Preview

“The reason why first love cannot be fulfilled”.

Maybe it’s just an episode for Joonhee and why his first love was never fulfilled.

Translations below.

Shiwon: Did you just touch me?!
Yoonje: What?! What did i do wrong!? I’ll report you to the police.
Shiwon: Right now i should be the one reporting you to the police!
Yoonje: Are you kidding with me? (Do you think i’m kidding?)
Joonhee: Because i’m not sure about my heart… I’ll start from sorting out my feelings.
Joonhee: I’m leaving.
Voice in the background: It is said that first love never gets fulfilled..

Anyway, let’s not get too worried, and just wait for the finale.


5 comments on “Answer to 1997, Episode 16 Preview

  1. I think the same ^^ It’s sure that Yoon jae is Siwon’s husband ♥

  2. I Think the same ^^ This sentense speak about Joonheefirst love
    It’s sure that Yoon Jae is Siwon’s husband ♥
    Thanks for the translation 😉

  3. Thanks for the trans. ^^
    Keeping my fingers so tightly crossed here that i’m getting cramps. XD
    i guess alot of ppl are worried that the last part is like the voice of doom for YoonJae and Shiwon: “It is said that first love never gets fulfilled….YoonJae and Shiwon couldn’t escape that statement either.”
    Instead, i feel that it could be interpreted in the opposite way as in….”It is said that first love never gets fulfilled….but look at these two.”
    If YoonJae doesn’t end up with Shiwon, we will have words and head wounds, Directornim and Writernim.

  4. when will the final episode be aired?! Usually it’s 2 episodes per week,right? Why can’t I find the 16th episode then?
    I’m going INSANE!

  5. i really wish that yoonjae is her husband.but am worried that i’ll get disapointed like i was in BIG.im holding my breath in this won

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