Answer to 1997, Episode 15 Mini Recap

So, here’s the live recap of Reply 1997, episode 15.


Episode 15: The period I loved you.

Yoonje is in the office.
His talking to Taewoong on the phone. Taewoong wants YJ to go and meet a girl… He arranged a blind date.
YJ said that he has a girlfriend and all, but TW insists that his lying, and said he’ll send YJ the details of the date.
TW in the hospital, his on the with SW. He was looking for some drinks/food SW put for him in the hospital room.
He finds it and goes out to drink his drink, and sits on the staircase to use his laptop.
At the same time Joonhee comes into the room to give TW food, but realizes his not there.
SW calls him and h goes out to get the call… at the staircase.
Joonhee said to SW about how YJ thinks she’s the prettiest, and he likes her… “ So your first kiss with him was 8 years ago?” He said a call was coming in and he’ll talk to her later.
TW hears all these.
His shocked… then he recaps to 2000, 2002, 2004…. About all the incidents between YJ and SW… How YJ avoided SW… and how their relationship changed…
Like in 2004, YJ was in the car with TW but TW said he was gonna meet SW…. and YJ came up with an excuse, saying that he left his phone, just to leave the car and avoid meeting SW. TW then met with SW, and SW told TW that YJ won’t be coming, so they should just eat. TW asked if they fought.. and she just nodded her head.

Yoonje sits alone in his office… SW alone in her room, TW alone in his office.
Someone rings TW… but he cuts it off.
A lecturer cancelled his appearance for a special lecture for SW’s work…
Her superiors asked if she had any person that can come instead, reminding her that it can’t be her fan club president..
She got YJ… and they are blinded by him and because his now a famous judge, they were shocked at her connection with YJ. The announcer for the program wanted to flirt with him, but of course YJ avoided it.
They ask SW and YJ what their relationship is… … friends? Relatives, or what?
SW explains that they have been friends since young and all..
YJ says he is her boyfriend … though SW tries to deny… SW has something on her face and YJ tries to get it off her face. SW gets embarrassed and she pulls him out.. to avoid the rest looking at them.
Yoojung and Hakchan are in a café together.
Hakchan then goes down and out of the café to wait for Yoojung.
Again, his mum appears. Yoojung comes down and holds Hakchan’s arm before she realizes that his mum is there. Mum asks who the girl was…
YJ lets go of his arm…
But Hakchan, after pondering for a short while, took her arm and put it back onto his… and said.
“My girlfriend. She’s call Yoojung… “
Mum says Yoojung is pretty. They both shyly smile…

SW’s parents part, i’ll skip this for now.

Yoonje fetches her home, but Yoonje wanted to go into her house.
She asks him where is he planning to go, and he says he came all the way here, he just wanted to drink coffee. She says his lying and tells him not to think about going in, and they start to have a cute argument. She tells him to go home and sleep soundly… He gives up, but he say, instead she should give him a kiss.
He closes his eyes… and SW doesn’t give him a kiss, but pushes his head away, and hugs him instead.
She goes in… and he just waves goodbye, disappointed that he didn’t get his kiss.
YJ returns home and JH is already packing.
YJ says he’ll be lonely without JH.. JH then explains it’ll be easier for him with SW when JH is out, YJ then jokes that he should leave now. But YJ says he has something to do before doing anything else.. (Telling TW about SW and him)
SW receives a message from TW and she calls TW. TW tells her that he wants to meet her for dinner tomorrow evening, and SW says she also has something to tell him, so she agrees to meet him at the japanese eatery he likes. She looks sad, not knowing how she can reject him and explain everything.

—- SW’s parents part—-

YJ finds TW and they go out to have a drink.
TW asks why YJ suddenly came to see him for no reason and all.
YJ then says he has something to say. He takes a sip and then says…
“I actually…”
Taewoong then completes his sentence, saying that he likes SW.
He said he knows everything, and that YJ liked her way before him.
TW asks YJ why he didn’t tell TW at all.
YJ asked, “if I did… would you have given up?”
TW replies no…
“Even though you are my most precious brother…” And that he’ll give in to him for everything, he won’t give up when it comes to women. So he won’t give up yet. He says that he’ll try again and let Shiwon make the decision. He said he has never once gone all out to get SW’s heart, so he’ll try again, and confess his love once more, and if it really doesn’t work out with SW this time, he will give up. He asks if YJ will allow that. He says he’ll just try it once, and see how it goes. He takes his leave, reminding YJ about the dinner appointment.
YJ sits alone in the café for hours.

— SW’s dad part—–

YJ is still contemplating in his office..
At the hospital, SW is with JH. They talk about YJ. And SW asks about YJ and HC, asking when they are coming and other stuff.
SW then calls YJ, but he doesn’t see the call, and doesn’t pick.
Back to SW and JH talking about him moving out. JH then asks about TW asking if she’s gonna tell TW yet.
She says she is, but she doesn’t know how to, since his important her, like a family member, and his also YJ’s brother.. Everything will be awkward and all. She says that he is so important and precious to her and she doesn’t want to lose him, but because of this as well, she cannot hide it from him. Joonhee wanted to say something… saying, he is like…. but he decided not to, and says its time for SW to go..
SW then leaves.
JH then says as she walked about, that he is not easy to handle.

They all head to their appointments. SW to meet TW.. YJ was going for the blind date.
Yj’s blind date is Gna(?, I’m not sure how Gna looks like, but looks like her to me).
He reaches the restaurant, then calls TW, saying that he will not give up as well.
He tells him about that day, when TW told him that he liked SW, he gave up, because it was his hyung…
But he said, he told himself, no matter how he told himself he shouldn’t, he continued to like her. But he still gave up.
YJ then says a person heart, once it is hooked, it can’t unhook. He says he loves SW, and he wants to marry her. And so even though TW is his most beloved brother in the world, he won’t give up. He says because the blind date today, is a promise, he will go. But he won’t do this anymore.

However, nice TW gives up after hearing what his brother had to say. They were in the same restaurant. And he got YJ to go to SW… and he went to the blind date instead.
He left a message for YJ, saying:”Hyung is sorry….” YJ started to cry in the room.
TW went to see the blind date, saying that his brother had something urgent to attend to, so he came in YJ’s place.

Somehow, we are in 2013, March now.

Parents are at the hospital.
Shiwon’s in the hospital, in labour.
The nurse comes out and asked where SW’s husband is, saying that SW is asking for him.
Both guys rush down. Taewoong reached first, and a bit after, Yoonje.

-Episode ends-

By the way, again i say, this is just a mini recap to calm you girls down while waiting for Dramabeans or other recappers recaps, so please understand if this is not professionally done, and please expect a lot of mistakes, cause i typed this as i watched, and i might not have listened correctly.

Hope you enjoyed this.


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  11. thank you for that recap! now i know what’s in the text message…i don’t mind skipping the parents’ scene even though i know it is somehow connected with the “moral lesson” of the episode…thanks again!

  12. Thanks a lot! Wow, the screenwriters and director is awesome!!! They managed to keep us puzzled who the father is! I’m hooked up and crazily waiting for the Final episode!!! >.< #reply1997

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    wow, the director is daebak! he can keep the mistery until the very last episode.
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