Answer to 1997, Episode 15 Preview

Joonhee: Yoonje also said he liked you (x3)
Yoonje: Hyung, actually..
Taewoong: You like Shiwon right?
Taewoong: Even though in this world, you are my most beloved brother, i won’t give up on her. (I won’t give in when it comes to women)
Yoonje: Hyung, i also won’t give up. I can’t give up on Shiwon.

I just realised how i haven’t posted on this drama before.
Actually started watching it because of Joonni’s first recap. Couldn’t wait for tuesdays ever since.
Well, this drama is one of those dramas i like to watch alone… Giving me time to reflect and dwell on the dialogue.
It is one realistic drama, the kind you want to watch alone, with a cup of coffee.

Anyway, wow, Yoonje is finally making a move.
I like it this way, that TW isn’t giving up as well. Both have equal chances to fight for her. Obviously we know who her heart is with now, but still, we shouldn’t take away TW’s chance.
Besides, i don’t want any of them to give up, just because they are brothers.


2 comments on “Answer to 1997, Episode 15 Preview

  1. Same with u. Didnt want either of them to give up. This drama is feeding my id.

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