Answer to 1997, Episode 16 Mini Recap

Answer to 1997, Episode 16 Mini Recap

It’s finally the end. It has been a short but sweet journey, with our 1997 teenagers that somehow felt like friends i’ve known from a while ago, with characters that i can relate with… Anyway, here’s the mini recap for our finale.

By the way, please excuse me for mistakes and inaccurate lines, cause i’m typing and watching at the same time, and i might not have heard it properly, cause my streaming is just really bad.

Kinda missed a bit, so i’ll be editing after looking up about what happened if i can.

The nurse says she’s looking for the groom.
Parents see Taewoong dashing in, and signaled for him to come immediately. Seconds later, Yoonje is here.

2005 September.
Yoonje is eating and drinking with some mates from work. They talk around, and Yoonje even talked about how he likes it when girls have good alcohol tolerance level. He pours the drink for the girl next to him.
Scene cuts..

Shiwon is drinking beer with her coworkers.. She hasn’t gone home… and is drinking a lot. Yoonje suddenly comes, and stopped her from drinking. He sits down to drink with her colleagues, but he doesn’t allow her to drink. Her colleague goes, of course, which boyfriend will like his gf drinking…. And YJ goes… Yes of course, I hate this, the most in the world. And then he threatens her about drinking again.
They all left, and her colleagues left, and YJ asked how much he drank. They started to argue. He sent her home, and of course he wanted to go in as we saw before, but Shiwon got him a cab and sent him home after their cute bickering, with her kicking him and all.

However, he went to Shiwon’s house instead, and he kept trying to unlock the door.. Of course it’s simple, Tony’s birthday.
She was shocked as he entered… but didn’t really bother. He told her to make him coffee.
After bickering again… she calls him to leave and chases him to her door.
But he says… actually… Can I have a kiss?
He whines and all, and she says okay I’ll give it to you.
She gives him a short kiss, and he was happy, but fed-up, and say, you girl, you think I’m a joke?
And he closes in on her, and starts to kiss her passionately……
Back to 2013, at the hospital.
Finally, the truth is out..
Yoonje: I’m the husband.

The nurse brings YJ in, and TW stays behind and chats happily with SW’s parents.
They say his so busy and all, why did he come.
Actually, he came up with a name for the baby. Yoon Seung ho? Or was it seung oh? (Couldn’t hear properly).

Shiwon is in labour, and Yoonje keeps going, almost there almost there … and SW suddenly pulls his head and hair, to suppress her pain…

Back to seoul, in the café, 2012.
Again, they have their mini arguments…
They all go on about how no one would think they are a couple..
Shiwon stretches across the table to pull YJ’s ear.

Streamed died, sorry. Missed a little.

Yoonje and Shiwon are together in a house… Having an argument now, over tony.
SW’s praising Tony, comparing YJ to Tony….
He makes her angry with Tony, and she starts to hit him..
YJ in the background, talks about SW and how she’ll always be the same, and how this is love, how they’re always like this.

She came to YJ’s house, the one he shared with Joonhee.
SW keeps quiet and all, and he starts to get worried, asking if she has no plans to get married and they go on and on again.
Yoonje then turns to her, he asks her to answer him about marrying…
She asks if his proposing and he says yes, unless she wants something else.. She says don’t or she’ll kill him…
He says okay, then answer him at the count of 3, or he’ll plant a kiss on her lips.
He counts to 3…. And at 3, she says Fine, okay.
She looks away awkwardly. He’s so happy, he tries to kiss her, but she moves away, of course, he gets his kiss in the end.

SW then walks around his apartment, and asked about Joonhee moving out, asking Yoonje if Joonhee said anything.
He said nothing..
Back to 2005, July, Joonhee was packing to move out.
JH talks about how he respected TW, about how he went forward with being straightforward with YJ about not giving up about SW… He said if it was me or others, I would have given up. He goes on about how he understands TW and all…. And YJ says his good at this and he should study to be a psychiatrist instead… But he says that even though he knows others heart, he doesn’t know his own heart.. and he says he will start from sorting out his thoughts after this…
JH walks away and loads his stuff onto the truck…

JH comes back in, and YJ and JH wish each other good luck with their work and studies…
And JH says his going… and pats YJ’s arm halfheartedly.
JH walks away, and YJ calls him.
He then walks to JH, and gives JH a backhug.
*sobs*… …
He tells JH to have dinner with him
Cuts to TW and SW, after she’s with YJ.
TW goes on about how his better than YJ in everyway, but she still likes YJ? Joking around..
YJ comes, and pretends to get jealous.
He comes and takes SW’s ice cream.
TW talks about how he has an appointment.
SW starts to argue over something with TW, and TW looks at YJ, with a face telling him his life is going to be hard.
They discuss about where to go and all, and they leave sweetly.
In the car, TW drives some girls, and they are playing TVXQ’s Hug in the car.

Turns out, they are going for a DBSK concert.. All the red balloons~~~
He tells them that there is still some till the concert, they should eat and all.
They start to say how there’s still things and all, and leaves him there, after talking about Cassiopeia and all.
KJK’s song plays in the background, and TW goes to eat at macdonalds, and he’s supposed to meet someone, and he talks to the person on the phone.
The lady arrives and she’s the doctor from the hospital… They start to talk happyily…. She’s a DBSK fan. And there’s a rising sun concert ticket *give me!!!!*
So, she’s his fated one.

SW and YJ goes and eat… and she whines about wanting to drink again.
Then recap back to 2012, when she whines about drinking, asking her hubby to let her drink..
Of course, it’s Yoonje.
Back to 2005, TW introduces his girl to SW and YJ, and he introduces SW..
And recaps back to 2012, where he said, SW is my lovely brother’s wife..
And then at the café, where she ordered the drink with a lot of cream and all… and they continue to piece everything together.

Back to 2005, where the two couples(Doctor TW, SW and YJ) introduce each other, and they chat happily…
Back at home with SW and YJ, the scene in the advertisement, SW nags at YJ who is on the bed, and he says he’ll report to the police, and she says it should be her reporting….
And it turns out, in 2005, she had a baby earlier already, so they are having their second kid in 2012.
In 2012, at the café, their first kid comes, and calls SW omma.
She then asks her mom where daddy is, and YJ comes in and carries her, asking where granddad and grandma is…

Then dad and mum come in, and everyone chats happily…
Dad asks YJ and HC if they are getting married over an accident and SW argues with dad over it again.
Dad then nags at SW again, and she of course, doesn’t listen as usual. Dad carries on, and YJ laughs over SW getting nagged at. SW gets pissed and stretches out to drink but of course YJ forbids.

Missed abit, but they are all out of the cafe.
Sungjae looks at the couples and says: They say that first love doesn’t come true, but you all… made it.
Yoojung then says that her’s isn’t her first love, even if YJ and SW’s one is.
HC was shocked, and jokingly walks away, telling her that they should break up. Yoojung then says that that was a long time ago, she can’t even remember her first love’s face… and chases after HC.
YoonJe rounds up, talking about how first love is the biggest drama in everyone’s life…
JH and TW come out from the café… SW asks if JH is going to the hospital, but he says no, someone is coming to pick him.
YJ goes on about first love in the back ground, and how after their first love, when it doesn’t work out, give a chance for a new love…
JH waits for his new love to come i guess.
He gets into a sportscar… (We don’t see the person)
YJ in the background: I’m talking about the one you’re waiting for… love can be fulfilled like that.
Then we see TW and the doctor’s fate…
YJ again: The one you’re waiting for… always appears like a miracle…
In a CD shop…. TW is buying some cds, and doctor went there too.
Doctor talks about Shinhwa, HOT with her friend on the phone and TW meets her again.
Back to 2012….
TW is sitting in YJ and SW’s car… And TW talks about his wife’s DBSK fandom, about wanting to be the fanclub leader and all..
SW gets really excited about the fangirl stuff, and SM stuff…. And YJ asks if TW wants to drink with him tomorrow…(Pretending to be sick about their wives)
SW goes on, and YJ nags at her about driving properly and all…
TW then says to drop him off in front. He gets off the car, and tells them to stop fighting all the time.
YJ and SW say they aren’t fighting and if they really fight, the police needs to be called.
He says gets off the car, says bye to them, greets his sister in law and he leaves, and SW and YJ drives off too..
YJ goes on about first love in the back ground again, talking about why they say first love doesn’t work, is because no one talks about their successful first love story, and only remembers it as first love when it doesn’t work out.

In the car, YJ asks SW about Tony and him again… And SW says to YJ that it’s him over Tony, but then she pretends to sob over Tony again… and then she says she’s joking… and says I love you YJ.
They go on quarrelling about her Tony fandom… And we see their car plate number…. 1997.

Back to 1997.
They prepare to take a group shot back in 1997, and that’s how the show ends. They arrange themselves nicely for the picture, but start to fight again, all 6 of them, and …. The shot got destroyed, with Sungjae covering them all.

That’s Answer to 1997, for you.

The 16 episodes was a wonderful ride for me, especially the first part, but overall, and a nicely done drama, one that i will always remember, especially for someone like me, who was like SW, just not as extreme, and for a different fandom. I’m sure it applied to you all as well… Westlife, Backstreet Boys, or old school kpop like Shiwon’s fandom, HOT… or Shinhwa, or DBSK5 for me… Well, there’s many more too, and we girls, always fall for these awesome looking guys in whichever band it was.. Somehow, we were all fangirls once, extreme or not… Hope i’m not generalising here.

Of course, i didn’t have such a sweet love story like Shiwon’s but, somehow or another, we can all understand their story. Really nicely made, realistically done. Certainly, we are satisfied with 1997’s answer.


14 comments on “Answer to 1997, Episode 16 Mini Recap

  1. Thank you. The best live recap.

  2. Thank you so much for the recaps.

  3. i’m glad now,, it’s so make me insane !! … n this drama have a high rating,, i don’t feel shock of it,,it’s d’best drama i’ve watching in 2012 .. thanks for recap.. i can sleeping with smile now,,

  4. omg thank you for this recap,been waitibg for hours//sobs
    it’s really an amazing and warm drama it kills me

  5. so many wonderful and memorable scenes! other dramas will find it hard to top it! definitely the best this year and I dare say for years to come! thanks for the live recap, girl!!!

  6. Thank you soo muchh..

  7. this drama is very refreshing and episode finale had to be subbed very soon so I can gush over HUG being played and the DB5K/Cassies reference. 🙂 thank you for your recap 😦

  8. Thank you :)))))))

  9. Wow! You’re the best live recapper! Thank you so much!! I was crazily waiting for this! **sobs** Hoping we’ll have a part 2. kekeke (And I agree, it was realistically done–that’s the angst of this drama ;))

  10. love it! Tks for the recap!

  11. Hi! I really like Answer to 1997. I felt that I can relate to their story. Kinda… My BF and I were High school classmates, and we had relationship when we are in senior years but broke up when we are in 1st year college. We don’t have any communication within the break-up years (2002-early2006) but we’ve met up (2006) after I graduated college and his working. We talk about and asked if we still love each other and if we have to be brave enough to face another relationship. We follow our hearts and we are together and planning for our future.(he said that I am his first love… and my first love was Justin timberlake of N’sync… kkk)

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