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Faith Episode 24 Rough Live Recap

I really can’t believe that its the end… I haven’t been this hyped about a drama for a while, so I’m feeling so sour now… Whatever the case, let’s keep the faith about this drama, and hope that the ending will be one that we’ll be contented with. Hugs to all those who have been […]

Faith Episode 23 Rough Live Recap

I’ll be posting my live rough recap at this link. http://redpinkboxes.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/faith-episode-23-rough-live-recap.html

Holding on to the Faith

We’re left with two episodes… Honestly, i’m feeling so sour. With the two, standing there, crying… being so helpless. It really hurts, to watch them. One standing there, wanting to keep her, but is unable to because of love… the other one, wanting to stay with him because of love, even though she might die. […]

Faith Episode 22 Rough Live Recap

Happiness begets tragedy… Yes, spoilers has been going around, saying that the antidote Jangbin made is gone… and Eunsoo has to decide whether she should stay here, living her last few days happily with Choi Young, for she does not have any antidote, or go back to 2012, without Choi Young, and live there. Damn, […]

Faith Episode 21 Rough Live Recap

Again, I will be posting the live recap of episode 21 here. http://redpinkboxes.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/faith-episode-21-rough-live-recap.html#more There’s a delay today, so let’s wait patiently to see our beautiful couples. 

Faith Episode 20 Rough Live Recap

Again, i’ll be updating this post here for episode 20. http://redpinkboxes.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/faith-episode-20-rough-live-recap.html I’ll try to repost it here as soon as possible.

Faith Episode 19 Rough Live Recap

Will be posting at: http://redpinkboxes.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/faith-episode-19-rough-live-recap.html I’ll repost it here after the episode:)