Faith Episode 17 Rough Live Recap

Posting this because i have the habit of typing and spoiling people while watching, but that wouldn’t be fair to my tlist. My recap isn’t detailed, cause i’m not fluent at Korean yet and its a historical drama, so obviously i don’t get alot of political stuff. Also, definitely there will be a lot of mistakes cause i’m typing this as i watch. So please wait for Softy and Joonni‘s one. For now, you can just roll in happiness, cause we got a KISS from our main couple. Yes. A kiss. How do i sleep now?

(Picture credit: Wanne@soompi)
Kiss video link at the end of the post.
I’ll comment about this episode soon, cause i have to sleep now. Early day tomorrow, sigh.
Okay, without further ado….
Spoilers here below.

Starts with her narrating the diary..

That night you will go far and someone will find you, and ask you for a favour, and you must agree, cause you have to save that person… then you can save him… Also, that day, that kid broke the vase… And then you’ll see chrysanthemum flowers… That night you can’t let that guy go… because that’s a trap his waiting for… So please, Eunsoo… hold on to him.

Eunsoo asks a guard to report to Deukheung that she needs to see him right now..
She meets Deukheung… and asks if he planned to kill CY today,
He asks how she knows..
She says you told me you won’t!
She then asks him where the trap is today, and he asks how she knows..
She tells him that the last part of her diary has a last part..
He says don’t tell me that part tells you there’s a trap… Sarcastically.
Eunsoo says she’ll do everything for him, just save CY… She cries.
We see CY walking around in the village.
He then closes his eyes to hear… He is aware that some guys are on the roof of the houses.. They are all armed with arrows.
He continues to hear their footsteps as they start to close in on him.
He just walks to meet Yikjae and the rest.
He asks them how many people know about their plans today.
CY tells them about the people outside.
Yikjae’s student realizes the owner of the house they are in isn’t around… (She probably leaked about their plans).
When CY tries to check again because of this… The guys are already locking all the doors from outside..

ES asks why he must kill CY. She says his not even the King’s person anymore.. Why?
He says cause he needs her, so that he can please Kicheol…
He tells her what’s happening to CY now… about him locked up..
She asks what she has to do.
He says she has to start by marrying … saying that after she marries him… she will become the queen soon.
She says, just marrying? That’s all she has to do? She says she will do it.
The guys outside the place CY is in with Yikjae are aiming fire arrows at the house they are in.
CY manages to escape from the place but he sees no one when his out.. He checks for clues… and looks around continuously.
Jang tells ES about CY news from Suribang.
Palace ladies comes in and delivers some stuff to ES from DH.
Jang asks whats happening… she says she’s going to marry DH.
CY sends Yikjae successfully to GM..
He sees GM and NG happily in their “palace”…
They sit down to speak to GM and NG.
CY talks to Lady Choi…
They talk about what’s going on, what DH and KC are probably planning.
Lady Choi then asks about ES. She says he didn’t come with her?
He starts to move away… and then he thinks… his confused.
Lady choi asks what’s he doing.
He says…. He doesn’t know what he has to do after this… (His confused.. He doesn’t have any plans).
GM continues talking to Yikjae and his student.
The newly made royal seal has been made… And it no longer says about Yuan, but him as the king of Goryeo.
He happily tells Dochi he has a new seal.. He says CY helped out so much this time, escorting everyone safely, him… and the Queen and all. (To remove his punishment)

GM comes to meet CY. CY asks if he came alone?
He says yes. CY says why? How is he going to protect GM like that, if he moves around like that alone.
GM jokes if he should go back to the palace. Of course CY says no, cause DH is still there.
They continue talking.
GM asks CY, do you still want to be a fisherman?
He says, for a while, he forgot about that dream.
They continue talking, and CY sees the herb girl walking around.
Lady choi receives a letter from the herb girl…
NG and Choi were both shock reading the letter (about ES’s marriage)
NG asks if they should inform CY…
Herb girl bumps into CY… (My stream buffered)
CY walks away…
Eunsoo is preparing for the wedding, wearing the clothes DH gave her.
Jang asks her if she’ll be fine alone?
She says, she’ll go and come back..
She is escorted over the bridge…
She sees CY waiting for her, smiling across the bridge. She smiles back, and then realized it was just her illusion. She clears her emotions and continues to walk.. After walking for abit… she sees CY playing with woodalchi… It’s another illusion…
She straightens her emotions and walks away..
She meets DH.. He says he was waiting. He asks her to sit at the chair of the queen he prepared for her.
He moves to the King’s spot and asks her how he looks, good or not?
She criticizes him, talking about his greed and all.
He laughs….
She says she can forgive him for poisoning him… because she’s not feeling pain anymore.
However, she cannot forgive him for trying to kill CY, and she will always remember that…
He moves away..
ES has tears in her eye.
CY finds Jang and asks where ES is..
Jang explains that she’s with DH.. saying that they should sit down and talk…
He says… that cannot be possible…
DH is having a meal with ES. ES starts to criticize him, about the fake antidote of the poison… saying from then… she knew he wouldn’t give her all of Hwata’s relics..
She says if he gives her the rest of Hwata’s relics, she will know more about everything, now she only knows the date….
A fight breaks out in front of them…
CY comes. DH blocks her from ES.
CY asks her why she’s marrying DH.
DH interferes..
CY tells him not to interfere…
She tells CY to just go back today…. Please.
He asks is it because that day, DH wanted to kill him?
She did this for him?
DH leaves as ES was telling CY not to do anything to DH.
CY tells her to leave with him, but she says no, she has things to do here.
She says she won’t marry DH, cause the door will be opening soon, she can go back so she won’t be with DH!
He says no matter what happens, I can’t leave you with that kind of person..
She starts to cry… He asks if she won’t reply him.
ES says, you know I came from heaven right?
ES says if I say sth, you might to is just blabbering right?
She tells him about the end of the diary… about the details … saying that person at the end of the diary was him. He asks why is it him?
She says I told you, you were famous in heaven right?
She says she needs the end of the book…
He asks if she wants it to know when he dies..
She says to prevent him from dying…
He asks when DH agreed to give her the diary
She says on the night of the wedding…
He then pushes her to the wall.. He says that person was the one that gave her poison. She reasons with him…
But he pulls her in for a hug… (SQUEEEEE)
CY: This moment, what do I do about it?
DH goes to the box of Hwata’s stuff, and burns the last pages of ES’s diary.
Eunsoo was dragged away by some palace girls in the palace.
CY talks to GM…
Lady Choi walks in the palace, secretly, to find ES.
Choi asks her what exactly is happening.
They sit…
She says she won’t marry DH… and she will break off the marriage ..
She says she will escape.. She starts to talk to Lady Choi…
ES starts ranting over CY… Lady choi looks shocked, cause ES was ranting over things like CY always saying stuff and doing what he wants… which is sth CY normally doesn’t do.
CY comes to the palace with DC and some woodalchi and reads a royal decree, saying there’s only one royal seal (the new one)…
CY gets DH to step down from the chair, cause it’s the King’s one…
DH laughs..
KC comes to find DH.
DH talks about CY still being around and all.
He then says he will remove GM…
He says he heard that ES said that the heaven’s door will open in 2 months time… But he was wondering if she was lying… They realize that the door might be opening earlier than she told them.
CY instructs Woodalchi to their tasks as they walk swiftly.
Juseok comes out of where GM is, with DeokM and other woodalchis and they see Hwasooin. They say this is not a place for her to be in. They block her from going in. She says if she plays with them here… a lot of people here will be injured.
She goes in with all of woodalchi’s swords at her neck…
Eumja comes from above. Choongsuk comes out. Hwasooin says she just wants to greet the King.
CS says it’s out of the question.
Eumja calls her to go… Before they leave Hwasooin throws something in… Woodalchi thought it was a bomb and laid down. But it was just a doll.
Eunsoo is walking around secretly in the palace.
CY is near her in the palace, and looks at her finding for the diary. She looks for it but she drops a porcelain… thankfully CY catches it. He says it isn’t in this room. She whispers to him, what about the next room… And they walk towards the next room.. They see some guards and CY pulls her back in…
He then pulls her hand and brings her somewhere to hide and talk.
He asks about the details of the diary. He says is there anything else about going back to Heaven?
She says no… he tells her to give up on it then.
She says it’s about his death. He says he doesn’t care…
She says….. then I’ll have nothing to do for you… We don’t have much time together already… She says, when she returns to heaven, she wants to think that his doing well in the other world… (so she must find out about his death to save him)
He looks at her sadly, and she has tears in her eyes.. He leaves..
She stays there… in silence.

CY meets woodalchi, and they report about what’s going on.
CY meets some palace guards (some that “betrayed”)… and he asks them if they want to come back to GM… He’s waiting for them. They come to an agreement with CY.
A letter is sent to GM by DM… Dochi reads it happily, about the palace guards and CY.
DH and KC talks again..
DH is playing baduk again.
DH says that he will bring ES on a vacation and KC can do what he wants about the heaven’s door then..
Lady Choi and CY is talking again.
He tells her about when ES is going back….
She asks him if he asked her about her feelings.
He says ES doesn’t have feelings…
He then asks Lady Choi to find out more about the place and all..
He walks off, as she talks about ES…
ES prepares all the stuff she plans to take away… she wraps them all up and drags it out as two palace maids follow her. She finds DH saying they can stop now.
She says since they both her no plans on the marriage.
He asks if she doesn’t need the diary anymore.
She says she doesn’t care about it anymore.
She says it’s about her homework and she was trying to solve it. She says she doesn’t know much about the question in the book, but she will solve it.. (technically means saving Young without the book)
DH continues about some stuff making Eunsoo worried.
Suribang kids are on standby around the area… Jiho grabs a sack from some guards, and throws it to the gay suribang. He slashes it…
They report to CY about the sack and CY starts to give woodalchi more task again.
A eunuch reports to ES and Lady Choi that ES needs to go to DH… the wedding has been pushed forward to today.
Lady Choi says she’ll bring ES herself… (stream buffers) They both look worried.. ES asks Lady choi what should they do..
Lady Choi brings ES…. But on the way she meets KC… He says some things to her.
She’s escorted in to DH… and DH asks if she was shocked.
Lady choi looks from a far. They begin to walk out but CY stops them saying what they are doing.
He walks up front but KC stops him with his freezing power. CY pushes his hand away ES tells CY that it GM’s place is gonna be attacked and asks him to go off now to save the situation… and he says that’s why there’s no time.
He says there’s no other method.
He pulls her in for a KISS in front of everyone. She kisses him back.

-Episode ends-

Kiss video link: http://news.video.m.rmcnmv.naver.com/vodveri?id=2101&si=6&secure=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&csu=true

By the way, sagdjgashdkajsdhkasjhdsjk is not part of the episode. It’s me spazzing. HAAHA of course you know that. A kiss, omg, how can i not spazz? Talk about kissing in Goryeo… Ha. Ha. Ha. This guy lifted her skirt before, held her hands whenever he wanted to… … And now, HE KISSED HER. He initiated it. Kissing in front of a crowd. Isn’t this rated in Goryeo? Choi Young, you are fit enough to be in 2012. Please go there, somehow…. Even if the context now makes it seem as if it’s impossible… Cause you’re dying in 1388. But boy, what a method. Stopping the marriage by kissing her? Showing…. She’s mine… Making this your wedding instead? HAHAHAHA. Choi Young, you’re awesome. I didn’t think I could see this kind of kiss in a historical drama like Faith… Furthermore, i thought this kind of kiss would look awkward in Goryeo. So i thought i probably wouldn’t be contented with a Lee Min Ho kiss in this drama. But gosh, this looks absolutely fine. It fits in nicely. Faith, how did you please me so much, in ways that I didn’t expect I would be pleased?

Lee Min Ho, you still hold the number one spot of being the best kisser in Korean dramas.

Some pictures below from the episode.


10 comments on “Faith Episode 17 Rough Live Recap

  1. Watched it live on SBS…OMO! No subtitles needed for me…it was worth watching for the kiss at the end. I am dying and swooning here… *Silently screaming at work. BEST.EPISODE.EVER.SO.FAR.

  2. Thank you for sharing your rough recap of Faith!
    and omg. The long awaited hug and kiss. Why did I got disconnected the time the episode aired!?

  3. thanks

  4. Thanks for your super quick recap! They kissed!!!!

  5. I am spazzing out with you!!!! Gah!!!!! ALFJADLFJASLFJADLSFJSD! FINALLY, the long awaited kiss…so worth it and I am so gratified. I can die happy now. Well, I take that back, until LMH kisses me like that, then I can die happy. Thanks for the screen shots. Young must have been desperate to plant such a kiss on ES in front of everyone! He CRACKED! Finally! This episode rocks! I’ve been trying to watch QIHM, recommended by you and Joonni, but I can’t enjoy it as much because Faith sets the bar so high for me…any other kdrama is not going to be good. Pooh! Faith has spoiled me FOR LIFE! Thanks for the live recap. I really hope after Young’s done kissing ES, he tells everyone, DH, YOU CAN’T MARRY ES, BECAUSE SHE’S ALREADY MARRIED TO ME. Gah! What a twist that would be 🙂

    • Well QIHM was really nice! I just didn’t like the ending, which basically spoiled the whole drama for me. The conclusion is the most important part of every drama. Because, its the last memory that the drama leaves you with. Im just hoping Faith will end perfectly, so that I can love the drama forever! Im confident it will!

  6. I have got to start watching this soon!! I just didn’t want to catch up before it finishes airing.

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