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Faith Episode 18 Rough Live Recap

Anyway, finally, it’s the hour for episode 18. Sure there’d be noble idiocy in today’s episode, but let’s hope they stay by each other through and through. Just thinking how Eunsoo probably can never stay with him in Goryeo makes me sad. If she misses the chance in a months time, she will have to stay for 67 years… That means, she’ll be a 100 years old, since she’s 33 now. I highly doubt she can live till 100. But we all know that she’ll return to 2012 in a year’s time because the fortune teller said it in episode 1, according to how long has passed in 2012. That means, she cannot die in Goryeo… because she has to return in a year’s time. Even if 67 years in Goryeo equates to 1 year in 2012, we know that it’s almost impossible that she can live till 100…

I’m wrecking my hopes for a happy ending here, but… I mentioned this before… When Young kidnapped Eunsoo in 2012, at least an hour passed. However, in Goryeo, when Gongmin was waiting for him by the portal, Choi Young left, and returned within a few seconds. Which means, a few seconds in Goryeo equates to a few hours in 2012. Eunsoo has been in Goryeo for months now… And so this makes sense, if she returns to 2012 in a month’s time. A few months in Goryeo might equate to a year in 2012. Let’s hope I’m wrong about this, but i really can’t think of a possible way where she can stay in Goryeo, unless the fortune teller is wrong (which is highly unlikely), or… She finds a way to return after spending many years in Goryeo, till Young dies after 30 years. And then… this 30 years in Goryeo, equates to 1 year in 2012.

Well, I’m glad that i’m starting to knock sense into my head a happy ending is almost impossible.. So that i won’t be disappointed. However, if writer song manages to give me a happy ending, with a valid reason, i would be glad to be surprised!

Okay, now…. to the spoilers for episode 18.

(Video for Eunsoo’s confession can be seen here: http://etv.sbs.co.kr/news/news_content.jsp?article_id=E10001321538)

Eunsoo: Go now…
Young: There’s no other way.
He grabs her for a kiss, and she kisses back…. Closing her eyes.
Everyone looks at that in shock.
After kissing, he looks at her… then at DH.
DH says he touched the woman of a King’s relative, and calls his guards to get Young. But Young just smiles and walk out.
Eunsoo just stands there, with a sorrowful smile, looking at CY. CY turns back to her, and goes off with some guards.
KC asks DH what his going to do now.
Attackers are shooting arrows around the “palace” GM and NG.
Eumja and Hwasooin leads them.
Eumja comes into the palace. Seeing no one, he starts to use his hearing powers.
They wonder where they went to… and thought of several places where they could have gone to.
They quickly leave to chase.
GM and NG are escorted in a carriage.
NG smiles at GM in the carriage. He smiles back, and lets out his hand for her to hold. She holds it, and smiles. GM constantly looks out of the carriage.
Young is in the prison.
The guard in yesterday’s ep, where Young asked him to go back to the king, comes to see Young.
Young tells him where the King is, saying Woodalchi is too small to protect them.
The guard says that even if he has the people, he can’t move the King’s army like that..
Young convinces him and gets him to go and carry out what he asked.
Young stands there.
DM reports to the King, stopping the carriage, talking about some thieves.
King asks CS what they can do… to carry on escaping?
DM arrives and tells them to go that way. CS asks JS to handle the stuff here.. (wait for Eumja to come to defeat)
DM leaves with CS to escort NG and GM… by walking.
KC comes to DH, and orders him to give ES to him.
KC says he doesn’t know when the door will open, so he will take ES and wait at the heaven’s door.
DH says about CY again.
DH then asks about the King.
They talk… and KC says all he wants is ES. And he tells DH off, telling him to stop being like that cause he cannot tolerate it anymore.
He says he will take ES. Tomorrow, immediately.
DH rushes off to find ES.
He pushes ES to the wall asking what exactly she isn’t happy about being with him..
While he was being distracted talking, ES reaches to her knife and she turns him around and puts the knife on his neck, she moves away holding the knife at him, and he says he rmb about this, CY told him.
DH asks her to save him…
He says you don’t wanna go to heaven with KC also anyway. He reasons with her… asking her to go to CY for 10 days (so that she wouldn’t be given to KC)… and of course she agrees with him…
But before he leaves, he injects something into her skin, saying it’s a good poison. (damn you again!?!)
He leaves.
CY rids some people with woodalchi.
Eumja found the route they were on, and sees the carriage.
He starts to listen for where the King is… and he calls them to go there.
Eumja’s people starts to fight Juseok and the rest… but all the woodalchi members got slashed. Including Juseok.
Juseok collapses.. but as Eumja and Hwasooin start to leave, he tries to stand up to attack them…
Hwasooin puts a sword into his body (Noooo… T_____________________T)
He dies..
CS escorted NG and GM safely back.
Gm asks about Juseok…. Who stayed behind to protect them.
He remembers back to when JS almost sacrificed his life for CY.
He says he remember, and every Woodalchi here.. Because they spend so much time together.
He feels sad, because anything can happen to woodalchi in protecting him.
CS reports what CY ordered, and NG and GM rejects the idea because it’d be dangerous for everyone serving them. But CS said it’s what CY said, and he will do it successfully.
They begin to remove GM and NG’s outer clothes.
CY talks to some of the guards under DH again…
As CS escorts NG and GM through the forest, one by one woodalchis were dying (I’m sobbing now sorry if there are mistakes)
GM somehow walks in guilt, as if he can feel it.
The two left behind, one female and male, wearing NG and GM’s clothes… gets killed as well. *sobs*
(sorry stream buffers)
CY came to see ES.
ES asks if the King is fine. She says she will continue staying here safely.
And calls him to go and protect the king.
She says she missed him. He turns to leave, but looks back to smile at her, and she was smiling too.
As soon as he left, her smile faded. (Is she really poisoned? T____T damn DH)
Hwasooin reports about everything… how NG and GM can’t be found.
KC gets happy about going to get ES to go to heaven again.
Eumja asks him if he really wants to go to heaven.
He excitedly says, isn’t it great? Don’t you want to go too?
Eumja and Hwasooin leaves… thinking his crazy.
He continues about him and heaven.
Back in the palace, DH hides all of hwatas relics.
His servant reports to him about GM and all coming back.
DH then says he will escape to KC’s house for now. But he will be back to the palace.
However, before he could, CY comes. He says to catch CY…. However, CY says all of his bad doings, and gets the guards which were on DH’s side, but now his side…. To surround him, with swords at his neck.
NG and GM returns and NG smiles to Lady Choi.
GM then tells CY… his sorry. (Over all his kids death…)
CS then reports how many woodalchi died to CY. About Juseok as well..
Daeman, Deokman, Dolbae and the rest starts to cry in there..
CY is in shock, as he recalls to how he told JS if he died because of getting the message to the King back then… He then walks away in pain.
ES sees Jang, asking about her poisoning.
He tells her what he thinks it is…
After asking about what he can do with it… Jang asks her if shes not gonna tell Young.
She says now is not the time to tell him anything like that…
CY sits alone…. Thinking of Juseok. (*sobs* WHY DID THEY HAVE TO KILL MY WOODALCHI)
GM comes to find him in his robe.
GM asks what he was doing here…
CY says its his fault and all… saying that everything happened like that.. And his kid died… (*sobs*)
CY then says how GM is gonna be in danger with CY by his side.
He tells GM to release him…
GM ignores him telling him about tomorrow, saying they’ll leave it at this first… and he walks away.
CY comes to find Eunsoo, who is counting down to the dates left.
She asks if he wants to have beer…. That’s what she wanted to say, but there’s none. So she asks if he wants tea.
She asks him to sit.
She tells him about what DH told her, about hiding from KC and all.
He asks, that’s why you’re hiding here?
She says even if she gets realized, someone will save her. (Hinting him)
She says she heard about JS’s death and the rest of Woodalchi.
She prepared some papers, like in Love actually.
She shows the papers to him: “It’s okay…Don’t worry, everything will go fine… ain’t it?”That’s what she said what it meant to him…
But something else was written on the papers… “Till that day, I will stay by your side. Can I do that?”
He tells her about bringing her to the heaven’s door. They both turned silent… Because it meant that it was time for them to separate.
KC comes to visit DH in the prison.
DH says if he can get out soon than then, but KC then rages at him…
NG is dressed in her queen’s clothes again, with a new pretty hair do.
She goes into GM’s quarters, saying she came.
He says he was just thinking.
She tells him to tell her what she was thinking, please….
It was about Yuan… (because of KC, they might anger Yuan I think)
And NG knows. She doesn’t care so he doesn’t have to care.
He says it’s your country. She says… It WAS my country. She says she doesn’t care.
CY comes into the meeting with GM, with Kicheol there as well.
GM begins to talk… (sorry I ain’t good at political words)
GM asks the palace guard(helping Young again) if he caught them?
He reports.
GM then asks KC if he understood about everything.
CY smirks, saying something.
GM then continues talking to KC about going back. KC rejects the idea, but all the guards hold on to him, disallowing him from expressing his anger.
ES was trying to look at some of the papers in the diary, under the sunlight, thinking she might get other stuff from it. Her hair is messy. As she tries to see the paper under the light, she almost fell on her back sitting on the chair. CY was behind and sits her back up.
He says to carry on what she was doing.
He started to read. She says you know how to read as well.
She tells him about her plans to make medicine and all.
But he was irritated with her messy hair and brings her to the mirror telling her to do something about it.
He realized about her wound at her risk cause of the poison. It got really big.
He asks is it DH!? And realized about the antidote she was making.
He said: Why did you not tell me? Am I still that far from you? I don’t even know why I’m angry.
ES explains, saying he’ll do everything and he might get caught and everything, she doesn’t want that.
So… we’re that far, is it? (Like distant from each other)
He walks out on her. But she stops him and hugs him from the back. She tells him not to turn around… And she’ll just ask one question.
Eunsoo: “Can I don’t go? Can I stay behind? Can I?”
He struggles. He says even when you are poisoned; you can say this kind of thing?
Eunsoo:“The remaining days I have here, I’ll do what I want (to stop being cold with him and loving him)… But can you erase all those memories after that? Don’t do anything stupid after that…. can you forget?”
He says he will. Then promise me. She tears on his back, hugging him. He doesn’t know how to react… Swallowing his saliva….
Suribang kids tries to see what’s inside the moving carriage that was abandoned.
(Stream buffers)
DH came to find the King. CS stands by, but GM tells him to step back. DH and GM talk…. GM asks if there’s anything he wants more than this country? DH replies, myself. He wants himself (to keep his life)
GM smirks. DH asks if he was pleased with the answer. GM says yes.
GM tells CS to bring DH out of the palace, letting him go. (No punishment)
CY comes and asks if he can do what he wants to DH.
GM says no, but CY says DH poisoned ES again. GM says he can’t… because GM has a reason behind letting DH go.
DH leaves, and
About NG and Yuan… He says it will result in a war with Yuan if they do anything to DH…
CY says he understands… and leaves. GM sighs, in disappointment at himself.
Gay suribang runs after the carriage. With the two other suribang trying to see what’s inside the carriage, but fails.
Hwasooin and Eumja arrives at the palace.
The guard (the leader working with CY now) stops them… Eumja was about to play his flute. But sees DH, they want to give chase, but DH escapes the other way.
CY comes into the herb house, and someone says a letter was left behind.
CY says he came with a letter for ES… ES tells him to read the letter for her.
He is shocked.. and he says, “Imja… I think… no matter how we have to escape.”
“The one Yuan wants now, is you. They want to take you away now..”
They stare at each other, sadly.

-Episode Ends-

I really liked this scene.It just shows how much Eunsoo loves him, and actually wants to tell him. But because she doesn’t want him to be lonely without her after she leaves, she controls her emotions, keeping it to herself. Confessing to him…. without a word.

Now, why did Juseok have to die?!!!! Well, I kinda saw it coming. The moment he almost died to deliver the message for Young, i knew, he would do something heroic again… I cried when he stood up to attack Eumja and Hwasooin. He knew he couldn’t defeat them, but he wanted to try, at least get them hurt, and he wouldn’t mind dying. When i saw him doing that, i thought of the same scene Gong Min thought about. When Juseok almost died to help Choi Young. This boy, did your name go down in history (if he actually existed)? *sobs forever* I really wanted every woodalchi to stay alive till the end, at least till the last few episodes, not now! Poor woodalchi, poor Young. *hugs*

Now, most precious royalties ever: Queen Noguk and King Gongmin.

It was painful when i heard Gong min say to Young, I’m sorry. It’s not the first time he said that, but it hurt a lot this time. Because Young’s kids died for GM. And GM was sorry, even though they are all his men. That’s how great a King like him is. And Noguk, she is from Yuan, but she told GM, she doesn’t care. She was from Yuan, but she’s now the Queen of Goryeo. She obviously doesn’t want anything to happen to Yuan, but she wants to support GM in all ways, even if it has to hurt herself. How can i not love you two? You make me cry.

To cheer you guys up….

Deuk Heung, in your face!

Anyway, even though this episode had moments that pleased me, I can’t understand why they had to bring in Yuan wanting her now. I mean, yes, we need more story. And bringing Yuan in, might make things interesting, and i hope so *crosses fingers* But i don’t like it that they drag over the same issue. “We want the heaven’s doctor”. From Jo, to Kicheol, to Deukheung, to Yuan. I’m hoping the drama stays solid with the script, so I’m hoping this wanting of Eunsoo, by Yuan, will only propel the story to a higher level, and not bring it down. I was thinking that the drama still has a lot of things to reveal, even though there’s only 6 episodes left (Regarding the time traveling and all). So i didn’t see Yuan coming into the picture. But well, who knows, some knowledge about the time travel gets known because of Yuan coming into the picture, or something along the lines. At least, i hope it’s interesting. I shall keep the faith that every episode will get better! Because, this is FAITH.


One comment on “Faith Episode 18 Rough Live Recap

  1. I shall keep the faith that every episode will get better! Because, this is FAITH.

    HaHa. Thats exactly what i said to myself after this week’s episodes..
    Infact thats what i have been telling for the past few weeks as well..
    Sad ending i can take but i soo hope that they clarify all the loose ends before the finale..

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