Faith, You Pain Me

These are my thoughts after watching episode 16… This post is extremely spoilery, if you haven’t watched Faith till 16.

Gosh, it’s painful. I need a hug in place of Choi Young. At the moment, he’s pretty much convinced that Eunsoo doesn’t love him, and his love is unrequited. There was one line in 16 that goes… “She doesn’t have a heart”.

But Young, let me tell you, she does have a heart, and she will probably love you more than you love her. She probably relived life in different timezones many times, just for you. What we’re all thinking now is that… is that when she was living this time frame in Goryeo for the first time, Choi Young dies. In order to save him, she returns to 2012, to try to jump back to the same timeframe, to relive it and save Choi Young. However, she goes back way in time, and because she can’t correct it, she writes a letter to Eunsoo, herself, hoping it will reach her when she time travels to Goryeo, because technically, when she writes the letter she was in a time frame way before the time we’re watching in goryeo, which means technically, her time travel and meeting Young has not occurred yet. Those writings in her diary, is probably calculations on how she can travel to the write time in Goryeo.

If the theory about her going back in time to save the situation is true, that pains me even more… Because Eunsoo will love so much, that she’s willing to relive her life in the past, to prevent him from dying, which will then shape history to become what it is today. All these means everything was set from way before, all these were meant to be. Her making these changes to save CY was a part of history, it was meant to be. The changes are already part of history, making it to how history is today, that CY lives till 1388. Eunsoo’s existence in the past was set way before she even existed in the current century… way before she time traveled. Time is re-occurring in the show’s sense. When I’m typing, Young is being stabbed again by Eunsoo. When im typing, Eunsoo’s reading the letters again. Everything is re-occurring.. and Eunsoo can jump back and relive a time frame, if she jumps to the correct time frame she wants to be in. But what i am saying now is her re-jumping into different time frames is already fixed with the history we know today. The supposed history(this sounds weird) has been changed. Say, in the Goryeo Eunsoo lived in the first time she time traveled, CY died early. So if this were to become the history we know today, Choi Young would have died early, and he wouldn’t have had a daughter… and of course his daughter would be nonexistent, and never could have married U of Goryeo(The next king). If Choi Young died early, everything would be changed… Joseon probably wouldn’t have been the next dynasty, Yi Seong Gye probably wouldn’t be the next ruler… Everything would be different. So, back to this… Say in the Goryeo Eunsoo lived in, the first time she time traveled, Young died early… At the age of 30 something (This was probably history she knew, if she didn’t correct it). Of course, Eunsoo doesn’t want him to die early… As a result, Eunsoo returns to 2012, to re-time travel again, to relive the time frame she was in Goryeo(where Young died early, so she can change it for him to live)… But she probably went back further in time, where she wrote the letter to stop herself, and make her make the right decisions in her future time in Goryeo(because if she travels way before, the time where we’re watching now, technically hasn’t occurred yet).

So now, because she traveled to a time frame even before the time travel where CY died, now, this time travel has something different. It has the things she left behind… including the diary. Also, because she traveled to a time way before the period we are watching now, everything is changed now, because her existence in a time way before changes everything. So this probably follows the alternate universe theory… Eunsoo changed what is meant to be, in her life, and her time travel, and now, everything is resetted… So we start again… like in an alternate universe. She is born in 2012… lives till 33, and time travels to goryeo… Then, this time in Goryeo, the one we are watching, she makes decisions according to what she warned herself in the diary, which prevents CY from dying early, hence his able to live till 1388, an old ripe age, which is the history we know today.. So all these are already set.. All these are meant to be. CY might have been supposed to die… But she changed it, and saved him, allowing him to live till 1388… And this becomes the history we know today, whatever changes she made, shaped history to be what it is today.

So now, whatever changes she has done to history, making CY live till 1388, is the correct history we know today. How many times she time traveled, how many times she tried to change history, it is already set, because time is re-occurring. For example, her first time travel, was definitely without the diary’s existence. In that time travel, the history she probably knows from our time was that CY dies at like 30 something. But she changes history to save CY… And the moment she changed history, the reset is pressed on. It’s like some parallel universe…… CY’s dying was what it was supposed to be, but because she changed it, everything is changed, and CY is now not meant to die, he is meant to live till 1388, and he lives till 1388. And now history is changed forever. So when she was born in the current century, and as she grew up learning history, there is only one true history she will learn, which is the corrected history, the history we know today, that CY lives till 1388. Technically, she doesn’t change the history we know today, but changed the history that she knew (what it should have been if she didn’t change history). So all her doings shapes history to what it is today. Gosh, I’d like to hear everyone’s opinion on what’s happening in the drama now. Haven’t even stalked a forum in the longest time, but I’m doing this for Faith now. Talk about obsessive disorder… Little did i think i would fall this hard for Faith… Cause i even categorized Faith under crappy after watching episode 1-2. But now, goodness, I love you, Faith. Thank god i held on to this drama. Definitely, it might not be the best drama out there, but it makes me emotional, it makes me question, it makes me curious, it makes me want to take the pain away from these characters, or the pain they are bound to go through… Be it Choi Young, Eunsoo…. Gongmin and Noguk.

I wish i could take the pain for them.

Faith, you pain me.
Okay, I’m in love with this drama.¬†Definitely not one of the best dramas, but one of those that really reaches out to rip your heart apart, making me hold on to it ever so tight… Not wanting to ever let it go. I wonder when was the last i watched a broadcast TV drama and went till this level of insanity. How much crazier do you plan to make me, Writer Song? Well, whether this drama is great or not, ridiculous in some ways or not…. This is one of the dramas where i go, “I love you, till death do us apart.” Okay, not till this extent, but this line really goes on in my mind.
Faith fans, *group hug*


5 comments on “Faith, You Pain Me

  1. I know what you mean. When i realised ES probably has been time traveling to save CY, my heart almost couldn’t take it. I wanted to start sobbing and it would be difficult to stop.

    Its been a while since i stalked any forum too! There’s something special about this drama and its characters. Ive learnt so much and wish i could take away their pain because you see them suffering every time for the greater good.

    I wish both OTPs have a HEA but even now im not so sure. I definitely won’t be able to stop crying when i imagine how ES must feel if she lost CY after everything, knowing that she must have relived the painful experiences. I am sure she would have gladly done it for CY repeatedly to keep him safe.

    It made me think about how if I was in her shoes, would i have the strength to do the same? It would be extremely hard and painful but knowing ES does that for CY is just… It brings tears to my eyes.

    Ep 15 & 16 really left me with a heavy heart.

    • If i can find away to take away their pain, i would… right now. Well, we’re sure that NG and GM will not have a happy ending, but there are still chances that ES and CY will get their well deserved happy end. I know, listening to Ali’s Carry On, i think of Eunsoo in Seoul 2012, thinking back to the time in Goryeo, a time period she can never return to, thinking of CY she can never meet again… and my eyes start to water. But it’s really touching that she’s reliving this painful times, if she really does, just for CY.

      This really makes me think of why i love time traveling dramas so much. Because love transcends through time, they go the distance, not by space, but by time for their love ones. Their sacrifices are bigger, cause they do not know the outcome of what they are going to do, but they are willing to try, to save the one they love. Isn’t that sweet? Even if all is left is just a painful memory of their love story, they truly loved, and that’s the biggest reward they can get.

  2. I am confused. At the beginning of episode 8, Eun Soo is talking to Hwa. She states that Choi Young cannot die this early because the history she knows is that he dies as an old grandfather. If your theory is correct, and by the way it is very similar to the other theories on the other blog sites, Choi Young would have died much earlier for this Eun Soo’s history, because she hasn’t changed it yet. Does this make any sense to anyone but me? I also am a huge fan of this show, and I very much wish for a happy ending for Choi Young and Eun Soo.

    • What i’m thinking is that the moment she left her diary in the past as “hwata” and the last item as well (which will probably play a huge role in what is going to happen), everything is reset, everything is changed. That’s why in 2012, history states that Choi Young lives till 1388. History is something that is set, it cannot be changed. Basically history is what we know today, about the past.

      Think about this, in an alternate universe, Eunsoo time travels to Goryeo. This time, Young dies (This time travel did NOT have Hwata’s relics). She then returns to 2012… and tries to time travel again (must have been from 2012, or she wouldn’t have had her medical tools.. it cannot be the same ones as the one she’s having now in Goryeo, cause it is not possible to have 2 SAME things in a place at one time). So, she time travels…. but did not land in 1351(the time in the drama now), but way before 1351… Now let’s call this TIME A. She then thinks of how she still can save Choi Young… so she writes a diary (brought from 2012) in that timeframe, to allow Eunsoo to save Choi Young…. Now this might not make sense to you cause she traveled to 1351 already, before this… However, technically, by the correct sequence of time, she has not traveled to 1351…. because everything has been changed, all…. reset. Everything returns to point zero. Why? Because in the time she went to 1351, with Choi Young dying, Hwata’s relics did not exist. Everything shapes history… to the extent that even one insignificant thing can change history. So with Hwata’s relics from TIME A (that happened before 1351) everything is different now, everything has to be resetted. So technically, how 1351 was supposed to be before she left the “hwata’s relics” in TIME A…. is cancelled. Everything then is technically “erased”…. and 1351 is now different. And because time is sequential… Eunsoo’s time travel to 1351 now, has Choi Young living till 1388. All these is just because of one thing…. the things she left in TIME A…. Just this thing she did, changed everything in the future……. and shaped history to the way it is today. So like i said, she did NOT change the history we know today. She shaped history we know today. Every time travel, every changes she did…. is a part of history, it was set…. it was bound to happen. Basically, she did not change history.

      Hope this clears your confusion, Sherine. Haha, i wasn’t clear in my post, cause it is pretty hard to phrase what i am thinking in my head about this drama.

  3. This is like you read my mind…. It was my theory on Faith’s time travelling; word to word as you have put down here (specially the fact that ES has been time travelling again and again). And about your view on how heart touching the drama is….my thoughts exactly. Wouldn’t have written it better if I wrote down my feelings & opinions on this. Thank you very much

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