Just when i miss I Live in Cheong Dam Dong…

I see these….

And then, i miss the three.

Honestly, these three became my favourite three characters in ILICDD. Yes, of course i love Hyunwoo and Sangyeob more in real life, but character wise, these three never failed to leave a smile on my face.
I love how they grew together, became a family, cried for each other, laughed together, mocked each other, bullied each other, share underwear and all, the list never ends.

Didn’t think i would enjoy their scenes when i first saw them appear at the beginning. But i did, and their scenes emerged as my favourites.
These three, forever, they’ll remain in my heart.
I can’t choose my favourite out of the three, since they all touched my heart at different points of the show.
But since i saw some Sang Hoon pics, i’ll dedicate this post to Sanghoon.

Honestly, i thought he was supposed to end up with Bohee in the first 30 chapters.
I actually still have a long post sitting in under my drafts, cause i can’t find the time to finish talking about what a lovely journey it was, watching ILICDD.
I’ll get to it soon, i promise.

Anyway, just for laughs.

I still remember i saved one pic of Choi Min Soo and him in the background. I better dig it out soon, or i’ll never find it again.


2 comments on “Just when i miss I Live in Cheong Dam Dong…

  1. *sobz* Samesame for me! :~~~~~) I did……ignorantly ranted a tiny bit saying Samchun and SH r a bit too….silly to believe at first. Doc, I’ve fallen for right away, and was shipping him and UnniChef.

    Really I have never ever seen a drama where I honestly equally think every character/actor boy/girl equally precious and cute and lovely and I squee seeing any of them. HW’s eyes always look like an innocent puppy to me, and then we have Poopie not able to take his puppy-eyes off SY. *SQUEEEEEEE*

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